Kung Fu Suits

Propel your kung fu training with these Kung Fu Suits and Kung Fu Uniforms! Take your pick from our wide range of 100% cotton kung fu suits, which are every martial arts enthusiast's staple for martial arts school and for light to heavy kung fu training, exercise, competition, or performance. Dress how you want to be perceived as a kung fu master or martial artist with kung fu suits, which are emblazoned with auspicious Chinese motifs. Or, opt to lavish yourself with our stylish set of silk kung fu suits. These kung fu suits can also be used for the practice of tai chi, yoga or meditation, for self-defense training, and a lot more. They are exquisite as Asian gifts for your best buddies, too!

Superior Comfort for Your Kung Fu Training

Kung Fu translates to hard work. Thus, it describes an individual's accomplishment or a refined skill that is achieved from hard work. It also refers to the traditional Chinese sport, which encompasses the many types and styles of Chinese martial arts, including Shaolin Kung Fu, which is one of the greatest forms of martial arts – it has actually produced some of the greatest masters in martial arts; Tai Chi Quan, which entails slow movements that help one to achieve peace and calm; Wing Chun, which is a dynamic Chinese martial arts that is regarded as one of the strongest and most direct kung fu styles, and Bajiquan, which is practiced and mastered by many bodyguards, to name a few.

For all these types of kung fu or Chinese martial arts, you will need the superior comfort and all-round versatility of these kung fu suits or kung fu uniforms. Kung fu suits usually consist of two (2) parts, that's the Kung Fu Jacket, which frequently features a Mandarin collar, frog button-down closure on the front, and loose long sleeves, and the Kung Fu Pants, which is usually tailored with thick elastic waist, an inseam gusset for added strength and comfort for your leaps, kicks, and stances, and elastic ankle hem. Sometimes, a white kung fu shirt, which is made of excellent sweat-absorbing materials, like linen, is worn underneath a silk kung fu jacket to protect it from sweat, odor, and stains.

How to Shop Kung Fu Uniforms?

In general, kung fu uniforms look much more elaborate than the suits and uniforms of other forms of martial arts. That is why they come in a wide range of colors and designs. They are made using various types of fabrics, too, such as polyester, cotton, and silk. And, if you are new to shopping kung fu suits and kung fu uniforms, know that there is really no need to get lost in their plethora of available colors, styles, and designs. You can start by narrowing your selection according to the fabric type that suits your need. Also, you can go for one according to the kung fu style that you are going to wear it to, like Northern or Southern kung fu style, according to the event, or according to your budget.

The Types of Fabric for Kung Fu Suits

Cotton kung fu suits are a timeless favorite for kung fu training and they usually make up most of the high-quality medium-weight and heavy-weight kung fu uniforms. Being made of a natural fabric, cotton kung fu suits are breathable and sweat-absorbent, thus perfect for light to heavy kung fu training and competitions. Rayon kung fu suits are another top pick for kung fu practice because they wear comfortably being made of a soft, breathable, and beautiful silken fabric. Silk kung fu suits are the most luxurious of all type, thus, they are usually reserved for special occasions, like competitions. In-between, there are also the polyester kung fu suits, which classy sheen rendered them as a great alternative to the silk kung fu suits, as well as those made of blended fabrics, like cotton-polyester blend, which are easy to care, thus ideal for everyday kung fu training and practice.

Kung fu suits are also offered in many different types of material weights. For light training, for the beginners, for those who are looking to try kung fu, and for your need for light and flowy kung fu uniforms, you can go for the lightweight kung fu suits, which weigh about 5 to 7 oz. and which are usually the least expensive. Medium-weight kung fu suits, which weigh around 7.5 oz. to 10 oz., are ideal for most needs and for advanced kung fu training because they are thicker, stronger, and more sweat-absorbent than the lightweight kung fu suits. Heavyweight kung fu suits weigh between 12 oz. to 14 oz., thus, they are substantially strong and the best choice for maximum mobility in self-defense, sparring, and in martial arts competition. Also, they are popular among school instructors, advanced students, and for use in competition.

Finding the Perfect Size of Kung Fu Suit

Manufacturers relate the size of the kung fu suit to the wearer's height and weight. So, to find your perfect size: Look for your height and then your weight on the size chart. If your weight puts you on a larger size than the corresponding size for your height, your kung fu pants are going to be long and will need to be hemmed up. If your weight puts you in a smaller size than your height, you should order the size corresponding to your height but expect your kung fu suit to be a bit loose. It is common, however, for kung fu uniforms to need some tailoring to achieve the perfect fit, unless you have the exact height and weight for your size, so be sure to take these factors into consideration.

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The History of Shaolin Kung Fu

All martial arts can be traced back to the famous Shaolin Temple in the Henan Province of China. It was in 527 A.D. when the Indian monk, Bodhidharma (Chinese: Ta Mo) – the 28th successor of Buddha – settled in China's Shaolin Temple. Then, he found the Shaolin monks weak and out of shape because of the long hours of meditation. Being in a lawless territory, he also recognized their need for self-defense from the robbery and attacks of the bandits. Also, he found that China was too cold to sit in yoga meditation for hours. Thus, while spreading the Buddhistic Theory of Chan, he taught them some form of martial arts, which were based on Indian martial arts and dance, as well as developed the 18 boxing techniques of the Shaolin monks and moving meditation to prepare their health for long hours of yoga meditation.1

Eventually, the Shaolin monks' physical training took the form of a basic self-defense system. Later on, they added weapons onto the latter. And, because of their extreme discipline and cultivation practices, they added the aspect of spirituality and mental control into their fighting arts. During the heyday of the legendary Shaolin temple, over 2500 Shaolin monks have been trained with Kung Fu in numerous styles. Thirteen (13) famous Shaolin monks have even made it in the early history of China because they have helped the famous General Li Shimin in the Battle of Qianglingkou to win. And, their weapons were the dreaded Shaolin Gun or Shaolin stick.

These days, kung fu has taken so many forms, like Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Qi Gong, and Nan Quan. Some of which make use of moves, which mimic the fighting styles of animals, like the Praying Mantis, Tiger, Leopard, Crane, Snake, and the Dragon. It won the hearts of many people worldwide, too, including kids as young as five (5) years old. Kung fu enthusiasts get to learn to protect themselves from danger, especially in situations where help is out of hand. They are also inculcated upon with ethical values, like patience, tolerance, and the ability to control their strength and power in resolving danger so as not to hurt or kill people knowing that some kung fu skills are lethal.2,3

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