Men's Chinese Jackets

Layer up with these Men's Chinese Jackets! Wear them to keep out the chill, to gear you up for Kung Fu, as a spin to your classic favorite Western coat, jacket, or blazer, or as the classy touch to your ensemble for the Chinese New Year, Asian festival, or that fancy Asian party. Made from the finest fabrics, like 100% silk, thus their perfect fitment for the well-dressed gentlemen, these men's Chinese jackets are also gifted with the stylish versatility of the Mandarin collar, thus they are not only meant for a timeless Asian style, you can pair them, too, with the clothes already in your closet, like slacks and casual shirt, for that dapper, young, and modern-style East-meets-West ensemble.

The Best Way to Complete Your Asian Ensemble

Prepping-up for the Chinese New Year? Or, a spring, fall, or winter Asian festival, sports event, or shindig? There is clearly no better outfit to complete your traditional Asian or contemporary ensemble than these men's Chinese jackets. Competition-ready Kung Fu jackets, elegant Tang Suits, Mao Suits, or Zhongshan jackets – including the highly-coveted and modern-style yet still distinctively Asian versions of the same, the Chinese jackets to complete your sporty lifestyle, the Mandarin-collared jackets to slip on days when you need to attract good vibes, and the Chinese jackets that your very important guest or celebrant will want to hold on to as symbolic Asian gift – all of which were created with authentic Chinese aesthetic in mind by the seasoned Chinese tailors,, clearly, has got you covered.

The Iconic Men's Chinese Jackets

When it comes to coats and jackets, the Chinese men of the former days basically wore them to protect themselves from the cold and dust, such as when riding a horse, which was then the only mode of transportation. At times, like during the windy days of spring and chilly days of winter, they would wear a vest underneath their padded jacket for added warmth. But more than a staple clothing for keeping warm, Chinese men's jackets were also made from fabrics and in designs, which mirror their wearer's prestige. That's why, while most of the Chinese men wore cotton jackets, the rich Chinese, including the Chinese Emperor, wore silk jackets, coats, and vests. On certain times, like during the Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty, the Chinese upper class splurged in pricey leather jackets, which were lined with fur that face outwards.

The Tang Suit

The modern generation also saw the popularity of the Tang Suit, which was considered from the 1940s up to the time when the Chinese men adapted the Western suit as formal occasion wear. Worn by the Chinese men of the upper class over their tunic up to the end of the Qing Dynasty (16361911), the Tang Suit is donned by the modern gentlemen in timeless Asian style as the final touch to a Mandarin-collared shirt, black pants, and black formal shoes ensemble. In-between, it is donned with a completely modern feel as the smart-casual jacket to a casual shirt and dark pants ensemble. Classically made of silk and with its Mandarin collar, structured cut, and long sleeves, the Tang Suit is, no doubt, a vision of Oriental refinement.

Through the years, the Tang Suit stood out to be an iconic Chinese creation that it did not only grace many special occasions, like Chinese festivals and traditional Asian celebrations, it also inspired the design of the modern Kung Fu jackets and the Mandarin-collared jackets, which are adapted these days by many clothing brands worldwide in various types of fabrics and designs that suit the taste of the modern gentlemen. To ensure that your closet only gets the best among their kind, reward yourself with one of the traditional Mandarin-collared Chinese jackets we have here on

The Zhongshan Suit

The Zhongshan Suit or Mao Suit boasts a military tailoring. It was designed and introduced by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the first President of the Republic of China, and popularized by Chairman Mao or Mao Zedong. Prized as a national dress and diplomatic uniform, the features of the Zhongshan Suit or Mao Suit represent the Chinese traditions. Such includes its:

  • The absence of a break seam at the back to signify the unity of the Chinese people;
  • Four (4) pockets on the front, which stand for the Chinese virtues, that's Sense of Propriety, Justice, Honor, and Honesty;
  • Reverse mountain-shaped covers of the top pockets, which stand for Respect to the Chinese culture and Promotion of Education;
  • Four (4) round buttons on the pockets, which represent the rights of the Chinese people, that's Election and Dismissal of the government and the Making and Reviewing of laws;
  • Five (5) button-down closure on the front, which stand for the branches of the Constitution; and,
  • Three (3) buttons on the cuffs, which denote the People's Principles of Nationalism, Democracy, and People's Livelihood.

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Chinese jackets may conjure the fashion style of the Chinese men of the bygone era. But people often forget is that the traditional Chinese jackets are as versatile as the jackets that we know today. And, with a design that has stood for generations, they boast one of the timeless styles we have ever known in a men's clothing. Yes, you can bring them out after months to years of storage and you will be impressed how their design will just be as trendy as the first time you admired them. And, with proper care, they can withstand years of lasting use.

Can't decide which Chinese jacket is perfect for you? Then go for the stylish versatility of the Tang Suit or the silk Mandarin jacket. Tang suits in solid colors or with all-over tonal motifs, like the Chinese Dragon and the Chinese wishes for good luck, longevity, and prosperity, are perfect for all seasons and are flattering all-year-round. Don them in vintage style over a Chinese tunic. Go classic-style by pairing it with a Mandarin-collared dress shirt, black tailored pants, and black formal shoes. Or, wear it on top of your casual shirt that is paired with dark blue pants and white sneakers for a casual, young, and modern-style ensemble.

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