Yukata Robes

Slip this Japanese Yukata Kimono on, tie its matching belt around the waist (for women) or the hips (for men), and then dress it up with an Obi (kimono belt) and the Geta (Japanese wooden sandals) for that easygoing traditional Japanese summer kimono look while you explore the town or bond with your pals, like on Japanese and Asian festivals. Or, just don it at the end of the day, after you bath, or while you relax with its matching sash to indulge yourself with its extra-soothing comfort as night clothes, bath robe, lounge wear, or travel robe. Wears soft, light, and comfortable, making it so right for the summer and for laid-back days, these Japanese yukata robes also keep you dapper on your downtime with their all-over prints, which pay homage to the Japanese heritage and which are a nod to the season.

From Bathrobe to Smart Leisurewear

It's the luxurious comfort of these Japanese yukata robes that will make you want to own them in all their colors, themes, and styles!

Whether you are dressing-up for the summer’s Japanese or Asian festivities, like Daikin Festival, Bon Odori, and summer Japanese tea ceremony. Or, looking for a robe that is the perfect blend of smart, comfortable, and versatile – it can work on all seasons, is just the perfect leisurewear for laid-back days with your family, your brood, or with the girls, and just a piece of it will cover your closet's needs for a bath robe, night clothing, lounge wear, and home clothing, go for these Japanese yukata robes, which are all these and more, because they are also stylish enough to take you straight from home to quick errands around town. They are lightweight, too, and easy to care, thus, they are easy to pack for travels and perfect as an extra layer of warmth during the cold days of spring, fall, and winter, or while traveling.

Intended as a casual form of the traditional Japanese kimono, the Japanese yukata wears so soft, breezy, and comfortable. In fact, it's a robe that can invigorate your senses, too, and that is because of the luxurious comfort brought about by its seriously soft, lightweight, and often thin premium fabric, like 100% cotton, making it perfect for the summer, for days when you just want to slip on comfortable clothes, as bath robe, nightclothes, leisurewear, lounge wear, travel robe, and – when worn with an obi – it can go as far as dress you up as going-out clothes for the Japanese festivals and when exploring the hot spring villages or Onsen towns of Japan in spring, summer, and autumn.

A Short History of the Yukata

According to historians, the Japanese yukata robes date back to the Heian Period (794-1185) in Japan. At which time, towels were not used yet in Japan and prior to the eighteenth century, bathing consisted of taking the healing steam bath. Thus, the yukata – known as yukatabira, or unlined informal kimono that is used for bathing – was worn to dry the body after bath and protect its wearer from injury while hot bathing.

By the mid-19th century, the rise of the public bathhouses in Edo (modern-day Tokyo) called for the wearing of the yukata in public places on a regular basis. Japanese bathhouses, both the Onsen, which were filled with volcanic natural spring water, and the Sento, which makes use of hot tap water that is often infused with healing minerals, have become one of the Japanese locals and tourists’ favorite place for relaxation because of the hot spa water's healing and relaxing capabilities. Later on, men and women wore the yukata to and from the bathhouses until wearing it as summer kimono became practical and common for Japan's hot and humid summer weather.

These days, the yukata is found in a wide range of colors and designs. Kids, men, and women enjoy them, too, for everything – from bathing clothes, such as those provided by the Ryokans or traditional Japanese inns, to traditional Japanese clothing for the summer.

How to Buy a Japanese Yukata?

Japanese Yukata for Bathrobe, Loungewear, or Going Out

Are you looking for a Japanese yukata robe that will let you enjoy the relaxing comfort that you love about staying in a Ryokan or traditional Japanese inn? How about a Japanese kimono robe to wear at the end of the day as comfortable clothes, loungewear, or nightclothes, to wrap and keep you warm as bathrobe, or to send as Asian gift or Japanese gift to your friends and loved ones? Then look within our wide range of navy blue and white Japanese yukata robes to bring the traditional navy blue and white color-schemed yukata, which are offered by Japanese Ryokans to their guests. Or, go for the simple look of the Japanese yukata robes in monochromatic colors, like red and grey.

For dressing-up for the summer Japanese festivals, parties, and events, standout while fitting-in with the dapper Japanese-style summer look that the Japanese yukata for men in dark and subdued colors, like navy blue, black, taupe, and grey, can lend. And, enthuse a youthful and fashionable attitude with Japanese yukata for women, which are infused with festive prints or feminine motif, like the Japanese flowers.

Complete your ensemble with a summer obi and go for the Japanese geta or cute flip flops for your footwear. Whether you are shopping your Japanese yukata robe for bath robe, nightclothes, lounge wear, summer kimono, Japanese gift, and Asian gift, we suggest that you approach it in the same way that you choose your Western-style clothes. The Japanese yukata for bathrobe and loungewear tend to come in fabrics in simpler motifs and color combinations. For going-out and for dressing-up in a summer kimono, Japanese yukata with impressive motifs are very popular. Premium cotton and other natural fibers, such as hemp and ramie, are also among the top pick for fabrics by men and women.

Sleeve Style Between Men's Yukata and Women's Yukata

Has a Japanese yukata already caught your eye? Then you are halfway to getting the yukata robe that is meant for you! The next step is to ensure a proper wear and that is by doing a quick check of the shape or style of the sleeves. Although there is no reason why men cannot wear a women's yukata by sewing the opening on the sleeves and women cannot wear a men's yukata by creating an opening under the sleeves, at a glance, men's yukata is distinguished for the angled corners of its sleeves while the women's yukata and unisex yukata are distinguished for the curved corners of the bottom hem of their sleeves.

On closer examination, it can also be observed that: (1) The sleeves of the yukata for men are slightly shorter than the sleeves of the yukata for women; and, (2) The sleeves of the yukata for men are completely sewn to the body of the yukata robe as compared to the sleeves of the yukata for women, which has an opening on the armpit, sleeves, and the body and which purpose is to ensure that the wearer can adjust and smooth the ohashori or the fabric around and under the obi.

How to Find the Right Size of Japanese Yukata?

It's easy! Grab a measuring tape and measure: (1) Vertically from the back of the neck to the ankle to determine the yukata length that is right for you; and, (2) Around the fullest part of the chest and the hip to determine how well your desired yukata wraps the body.

As a T-shaped robe, a Japanese yukata basically fits men and women of various shapes and sizes. Also, the size of a yukata is traditionally stated, too, in terms of the length of the robe, which is measured vertically from the back of the neck to the hemline. And, as with other close-fitting clothes, you may also find that the fit of the yukata is referenced to the wearer's weight, in addition to its width of the robe, which is the sum of the width of the back of the yukata, the right front panel, and the left front panel.

To ensure a proper fit: Since men's yukata is not worn with a fold around the waist, men are suggested to go for a Japanese yukata, which is recommended for their height or which approximates the measurement, which is taken from the back of the neck to the ankle. Women, on the other hand, who want to wear a yukata without tucking up at the waist, can go for a yukata that is the same length as the measurement taken from the back of the neck to the ankle. Or, they can go for a longer Japanese yukata kimono and wear a yukata robe with an ohashori.

Please note that our size charts are only a guide and each body is unique. So, if you fall between two (2) sizes, we suggest that you choose the larger size. In addition, the Japanese yukata is traditionally tailored in Asian sizes. Different manufacturers also tend to use different size charts. Thus, it is best to consult the specific size chart of the yukata under consideration to ensure its fit on you. And, if you need help, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service representative, who is always ready to help find the best size for you.

How to Wear the Japanese Yukata Robe?

Your Japanese yukata robe is so much fun and easy to wear. For both men and women: Always wrap the right front of the yukata robe over the body and then overlap it with the left front. Tie the matching sash around the waist (for women) or around the hips (for men) to secure.

To wear the yukata as going-out clothes, men and women may need to wear undergarments, like undershirt, boxer trunks, and camisole, as extra layer for its generally thin fabric, to ensure that it falls into place, and to prevent it from sticking to the body because of sweat. In addition, men with small build, as well as curvy women, may need to wrap their waist with a towel so their body conforms to the T-shape of the yukata.

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