Personalized Fans

Rest easy with these Personalized Hand Fans knowing that they are the promotional fans and designer hand fans to bring your logo or design to your customers and to the latter's circle. Or, the Asian gifts, hand fan wedding favors, party favors, Chinese gift, or Japanese gift that your family, friends, and gift recipients will use a lot for keeping cool, as fashion accessories, and as Asian decorations. Elevated with the lasting print of your names, logo, photo, or design, these personalized offer the most exciting possibilities for your design ideas. Select hand fan styles even come ready for you to personalize for FREE from a minimum order of only one (1) piece. So, shop now!

FREE Personalization, FREE Shipping Available!

Did you know? is your best place to buy promotional fans and personalized hand fans because it is here where you will find the most in-demand Asian hand fan styles and you can personalize them with the lasting print of your name, message, logo, full-color finished artwork, or high-definition photos – perfect for your business' needs for promotional items and designer hand fans' for your wedding, Asian festivals, and other special occasions' hand fan party favors; and, as Asian gifts for your family, friends, and loved ones!

Select Asian hand fans, like the Japanese silk fans, Chinese silk fans, and Thai mulberry fans, even come ready for you to personalize for FREE with the lasting print of your name, one-line text, or message on the side handle or guard side. No minimum is available, of course, for your classic favorite personalized Japanese silk fans, so it is possible to gift a unique hand fan style for each gent or lady in your gift list. The best price online and the most amazing wholesale or bulk discounts also await your order for all other hand fan styles, including the staple Kung Fu fans, and dance fans for your healthy lifestyle. You can request a sample hand fan, too, for only $0.99 plus Shipping Fee.

And, if you need your personalized hand fans in just a few days, there is our premium rush production service to ensure the quick completion of your personalized fans. Make sure to select the ideal shipping option, though, such being out of control, to guarantee the delivery of your custom hand fans on or before your special date. So, go ahead and shop your personalized hand fans – even personalize your hand fans for FREE – here on! Complete them with the perfect hand fan sleeves, organza bags for fans, and hand fan tassels – the Asian symbol for protection and good luck, which you can also shop in just a few clicks here on

Make Your Hand Fans Standout Among the Rest!

If you want your personalized hand fans, especially your promotional hand fans and designer fans, to standout among all the rest of their kind, think having your logo or design as the front print of the iconic Chinese paper fans, silk folding fans, wood fans, paper paddle fans. Kung Fu fans, Tai Chi fans, the traditional Chinese silk fans or Chinese palace fans, polyester fans, and frisbee fans, to name a few! Lucky recipients will remember you and your thoughtfulness each time they see your personalized hand fans. They will be able to display your logo or design, as well, to their circles and to the potential market of your brand on every place they go and use your custom printed hand fans.

If you want your personalized hand fans to have that extra zing, then display your logo or design on personalized sandalwood fans, which have the enchanting scent of sandalwood that is perfect for all seasons and that will uplift their users' mood and senses. Or, maybe have your full-color photo, logo, or graphic design digitally printed on Chinese paper fans and silk fans. For a more subtle custom printing style, there are the personalized hand fans with side print. They are available in an impressive variety of hand fan types and colors, too, including the cherry blossom silk fans, authentic Japanese silk hand fans for summer, and Japanese paper fans.

From the personalized paper fans the full-color personalized silk fans and authentic Japanese hand fans for summer, Kung Fu fans, Thai mulberry fans, and more, has the top hand fan picks available for you.