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How to Buy Chopsticks?

Wondering how to buy chopsticks that will work best for you? Or, which chopsticks to use for which dish, to shop for gifts, party favors, or special occasions? The following tips will help you to find the best chopsticks for your needs.

Determine how you want your chopsticks to work for you

Chopsticks do a lot of work, in that, other than help to pick-up the food from your plate, they can also enhance the look of your tables and excite your guests, even with the foods that they have already seen or tasted. There are also the special types of chopsticks, like the training chopsticks, which are ergonomically designed to guide the hands on how to use the chopsticks; the 13" to 18" long cooking chopsticks, which are used for hotpot and for cooking; the serving chopsticks, which typically measure 11" long and are used to pick-up food from the communal plate – the usual way of serving dish in Asia; and, the plating chopsticks – a renowned sushi chef tool, which measure 4.75" to 14" long and which are distinguished for their pointed tip that allows for the precise positioning of the components of an Asian dish.

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Choose the chopstick size that feels most comfortable to hold

It may be that you once had chopsticks that are too short or chopsticks that are so thin. And, either pair of chopsticks just felt so difficult to use for dining. The right pair of chopsticks will really make a meal both satisfying and enjoyable, so be sure to buy or offer chopsticks, which feel so right to hold, e.g., it is the right length, weight, and thickness for your or their user's hands. The following are the typical sizes of chopsticks:
  • Chopsticks for Kids typically measure 8" long, although certain styles, like the training chopsticks with a topper that connects the two (2) chopsticks at the top, span 9" to 9.25" long, giving kids, therefore, chopsticks that can progress into their own regular chopsticks.
  • Adult Chopsticks measure 9" to 10.75" long, with the 9" to 10" chopsticks as the top picks for everyday use and the 10.5" chopsticks are a popular choice for restaurants.
  • Kitchen Chopsticks. Chopsticks, which measure 11" to 13" long are utilized as serving chopsticks, although basically depending upon the type of material, chopsticks of this length and up to about 18" long are also used as cooking chopsticks.

The Types of Asian Chopsticks

Imperative to ensuring that their users enjoy their Asian dish, the so-called profile of Asian chopsticks is also known to vary across the many regions of Asia and this variation in design is easily distinguished through the design of the tip of the chopsticks.

Chinese chopsticks, for instance, are known for their rounded and slightly-tapered tip, which is very important feature because they need to be strong enough to pick-up the bite-sized Chinese foods, like dimsum, dumplings, and spring rolls, which are laden with rich and heavy fillings, and the chunks of pork and beef, which are among the top ingredients of Chinese cuisine. Japanese chopsticks, on the other hand, have a tapered and narrow tip, which design basically stems from the need to remove the bones of a fish, which is a very popular ingredient for Japanese food. Korean chopsticks are flat, like the handle of spoons and forks, and have a roughed-up tip to ensure a better grip.

Choosing Chopsticks: Wood, Metal, Plastic, and Porcelain

When you choose the material for your chopsticks, you will want it to be the one that is the most convenient for your need, for the occasion, the user, and the food you are going to serve them with. The following are the most popular types of chopsticks according to the different types of materials:

When it comes to chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks top the list. They have also been the chopsticks of choice by Asians for many years and they are made from the wooden trunks of the bamboo grass, also known as the tallest grass in the world and is a fast-growing plant that is native to East and Southeast Asia. As the bamboo can be harvested in 3 to 5 years as compared to the trees, which are used for making chopsticks, like chestnut wood, bamboo chopsticks are prized as the environment-friendly alternative to the wooden chopsticks. Bamboo chopsticks are lightweight and more durable than the wooden chopsticks. They are resistant to stains, heat, odor, and water, thus, they are perfect for a wide range of Asian dishes, including the hotpot dishes. To prepare new bamboo chopsticks for use: Wash them with warm water, ideally with a little vinegar. Also, replace your bamboo chopsticks every three (3) months to ensure that they are clean and safe.

Metal chopsticks, especially the stainless steel chopsticks and titanium chopsticks, are a rising favorite among modern Asian restaurants and chopsticks users. They are more durable than wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks. They may have a nice weight to them being made of solid metal. Or, they may feel as light – even lighter – than the wooden chopsticks having been fine-crafted with a hollow center. Metal chopsticks are now available in an exciting range of colors, too, like silver, yellow gold, rose gold, and copper. To ensure that you get the best metal chopsticks, opt for rust-proof metal chopsticks with anti-slip features on their tip that help to prevent foods from slipping.

No need to limit your choices for plastic chopsticks to training chopsticks because they now come in irresistible varieties, like the melamine chopsticks, which imitate the elegant and smooth finish of porcelain chopsticks, and the fiberglass chopsticks, which are touted as more durable than bamboo chopsticks and stainless steel chopsticks and which are available in styles that imitate the look of lacquered wooden chopsticks. Plastic chopsticks are rust-resistant and non-corrosive, so it is easy to keep them looking good as new even after several uses.

Porcelain chopsticks always come as a touch of class for every table setting. They tend to be more slippery than wooden chopsticks and metal chopsticks, though, thus, they are typically found as square chopsticks or multi-faceted round chopsticks. Just like the rest of the porcelain tableware that we all know, they are fragile in that they can break so easily when dropped. But, with such stunning beauty that ensures your guests' positive first impressions and a luxurious table setting, you will want to pick them, nevertheless, for your opulent and auspicious Asian gifts and as the dining chopsticks for spectacular celebrations or chic dining and entertaining needs.

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