Happi Coats

These Happi Coats, Short Kimono Robes, and Sushi Chef Coats are pretty much perfect for the festivals, sports events, and for all the happy occasions, which are lined up for you this season. They are also the chicest for a smart look as you switch into laid-back mood and for an Asian restaurant ensemble that goes from the kitchen to the tables with ease, respectively! And, whether you're going for the breathable comfort of pure cotton, the lush look and strength of Chinese silk, or the versatility of all the other Asian fabrics in-between, there is the perfect happi coat, short kimono robe, and sushi chef coat for you here on KimonoRobeStore.com! Of course, there is also their Asian details and designs to shower good vibes to your days and let you nail an enchantingly modern yet still traditional Asian look.

From Festival Coats to Everyday Lounge Robe

Happi coats, or the short, straight-sleeved, and unlined Japanese kimono robes, which are worn over the clothes or as a shirt and tied at the waist with a belt or a rope for a traditional look, serve many purposes. In Japanese festivals and public events, happi coats are gold in that groups, teams, and organizations wear them proud with their logo. Guests and distinguished personalities wear them, too, on promotional company events, like the opening of a new store, as well as on private parties with the name of their brand, company, or product, often as an outerwear to a Western-style outfit, like a dress or pants ensemble, to give the latter a Japanese-style celebratory twist.

Happi coats have also been of great use among the working class, like the chefs and the shopkeepers, who look to their convenience and breezy comfort as protective working jacket. Wealthy individuals wear them, too, on celebrations so that their servants can easily identify them when needed. Of course, happi coats also gained popularity as bath robes, lounge robes, short dressing robes, nursing robes, and night robes. In fact, you can find them these days in an exciting plethora of designs for use as the latter. And in Japan, they are one of the top picks, just like the Japanese yukata or cotton kimono, for souvenirs, Asian gifts, Japanese gifts for foreigners, and tokens for home-stay guests.

The Best Selection of Designs, Colors, and Prices

Now, for your need of a happi coat, look only here on KimonoRobeStore.com for the best selection of designs, colors, and prices. Whether you need your happi coat as street-smart wear for the Japanese festival, as short kimono robe for your spring, summer, or fall ensemble, as traditional Japanese short robe to complete your look for a Japanese party or event, as bath robe, lounge robe, sports coat, sushi chef coat, Asian restaurant or Japanese restaurant uniform, or as an all-occasion-perfect gift that will be of great use and that will also deliver a new experience to the very important guest or gift recipient, there is the perfect happi coat here for you and for everyone in your gift list.

When it comes to happi coats, pick out the pattern or design that best reflects your style and the best fabric for its intended purpose. For the festivals, as work clothes, sports coat, and for everyday use at home, e.g., as bath robe, lounge robe, and protective clothing while you do the household chores, happi coats, which are made of 100% cotton are the best because they are breathable, easy to care for, and durable. For a smart look on parties and events, silken happi coats, such as those which are made of polyester, rayon, and poly-blend, are a fine choice because they have the classy look of silk, a lot of them are wrinkle-resistant, as such they can go without ironing, and will last for many years without showing as much wear and tear as silk does. And, if you love luxury, there are the silk happi coats in your favorite colors and designs.

Happi coats are also tailored to fit a wide range of sizes, so shopping for your crew, for your best friends, and for the whole family is an easy feat. Lovers of unique and investment-worthy clothing will also be so spoiled for choices, especially with our highly-curated selection of happi coats with auspicious and classic Asian themes and designs. And, for you with a keen eye for contemporary details, there are, of course, the happi coats in bright colors and with geometric patterns, also prized auspicious and distinctly Japanese, to feed your love for modern style.

Shop Now! Go Beyond Just Having a Happi Coat

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