Dragon Kimono

The best Dragon Kimono Robes, silk robes, and Japanese yukata robes are yours to own here on KimonoRobeStore.com! Decorated with majestic prints or embroideries of the Dragon, which is the most esteemed Asian symbol for power, protection, prosperity, and good luck and which, as a design theme, was once reserved only for the robes of the Asian emperors and empresses, these Dragon kimono robes clearly spell Oriental opulence and elegance. A touch of their fabric and a closer look at their design will tell you, too, that they were made for a special owner, that's you! So, as you aim for the best kind of comfort or Asian gift, then do it right with these Dragon kimono.

A Vision of Your Opulent Oriental Taste

The Dragon is a very important part of Asian art and culture. In traditional Asian works of art, it usually garners the most intricate details and a very high mix of colors. As a hybrid creature, which is believed to rule over all the heavens, the water, and the earth, it is usually depicted as an eager serpentine with the head of a horse, the eyes of a lobster, the ears of a bull, the horns of a stag, the scales of a carp fish, the paws of a tiger, the very special claws of the eagle, and the tail of a whale. Sometimes, it is also depicted with bat-like wings, which grow out from the front limbs. Or, it may appear to chase a pearl, which symbolizes wisdom and enlightenment. It is also revered as the mightiest animal of the Chinese zodiac, the most important Asian symbol for protection, power, and fortune, and the emblem of the Chinese Emperor and of China.

Thus, in the group of kimono robes from Asia, dragon kimono robes standout because of the magnificent presence of the dragon for their accent or design. Add to that are a colorful dragon's mix of bright, auspicious, and happy hues – so right to awaken a dull mood and which are often inspired by the colors of precious metals, gems, and stones, like gold, silver, jade, and ruby; the renowned prestige of the dragon kimono as reminiscent of the Asian emperors and empresses’ lush Dragon Robes with embroideries of Golden Dragons; and, the deeply-rooted connection of the Dragon to the Asian culture, all of which make the dragon kimono a vision of their owner's opulent Oriental taste.

From Dressing Gown to Lucky Asian Gifts

So, count on these dragon kimono robes, silk robes, and Japanese yukata robes for staying chic and dapper on your downtime and until the very last hours of the day! Slip your perfect dragon kimono robe, silk robe, or Japanese yukata robe as a bath robe, dressing gown, nursing robe, lounge wear, night clothes, or as a stylish cover-up when you have a guest ready to meet in an instant at the door for that no-fuss smart appeal. Be seen having them among your everyday and travel essentials. Or, see it bring joy and good luck to your family, friends, and loved ones as lucky Asian gift, Chinese gift, or Japanese gift on their special occasions and auspicious celebrations, like the Chinese New Year.

Supremely Elegant and Perfect for Daily Use

These dragon kimono, silk robes, and Japanese yukata robes pride high-quality cotton, silk, and silken fabrics, which are soft, strong, light, and easy to care, thus they are the best for you and the gift recipient who delight in supremely elegant and cozy robes, which are perfect for daily use and which can be cherished for many years. You also ought to see their exquisite embodiment of the Dragon, such as of Suan-Ni – the Chinese dragon which is the most depicted on Asian robes, the Golden Dragon, Earth Dragon, Celestial Dragon, Water Dragon, and the Dragon together with the Tiger or the Phoenix, among all the other auspicious symbols of Asian art, making these dragon kimono silk robes and Japanese yukata robes unique, a wearable piece of Asian art, and special because of the meaning behind their stunning imagery.

All Created as Limited-Edition Masterpieces

And, for you who delight in high-quality and limited-edition masterpieces, then these dragon kimono robes, silk robes, and Japanese yukata robes really fit the bill because there are only limited quantities of them per color, size, and design. In fact, it is hard to find a similar style of them in and outside of Asia both in stores and online because that is how exquisite they were meant to be as your next best possession.

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