Chinese Dresses

These Chinese Dresses, Cheongsam, Mandarin gowns, or Qipao are agelessly beautiful, elegant, and perfect as a casual wear, Mandarin collar Chinese dress, casual cheongsam dress, wedding guest dress, bridesmaid dress, party dress, and Asian gift to a fashionable lady. So shop now and see these Chinese dresses yearn your feminine, sweet, and chic daytime or evening look! For a twist, accessorize your cheongsam or qipao with a brooch or beaded sash. Or, dress it in classic Asian style with a silk fan or purse.

Chinese Dresses, Qi Pao, Cheongsam, Traditional Chinese Clothing

Chinese dresses, particularly the Cheongsam, are known in Mandarin as Qi Pao and in English as the Mandarin gown. These one-piece body-contouring traditional Chinese clothing for women are often distinguished for their high collar, Chinese button knots, and side slits. They are traditionally made of very fine silk fabrics and were created in Shanghai, where they were made popular and fashionable by the socialites and women of the high society during the 1920s.

Pack these Chinese dresses, Cheongsam, or Qi Pao in your shopping cart and never again dress dull on casual days, special occasions, Asian parties, when winning business deals, or on a fine getaway. These genuine Chinese dresses are made of soft, premium fabrics with an elegant sheen, like silk, brocade, rayon, and polyester, and are available in a spectrum of colors, lengths, styles, and classic Asian motifs.

They are so comfortable to wear alone as traditional Chinese dresses, Chinese-style party dresses, and Asian-style clothing, you can wear them, too, with Chinese jackets and coats or throw them under a blazer, coat, or cardigan to glam them up in a non-traditional Asian style. Accessorize these stylish and naturally glamorous Chinese dresses, cheongsam, or qipao with Asian earrings and finish your Asian suit with Chinese Mary Janes shoes or sky-high pumps in nude or a complementing hue.

Where to Shop Chinese Dresses: Qipao?

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Chinese Dresses, Incorporate your style: Being Traditional with Non-conventional

Chinese dresses had been very much particular to Asian people and to the other continents in the world. It has been a significant symbol for Chinese culture that reflects their history, beliefs and the ancient way of living they have back then. Archeologists have discovered facts about Chinese clothing. As far back as 4,500 years ago, Chinese people were into making use of ornaments to decorate their dresses. During this time period, they were able to discovered silk woven garments that belonged to the Shang Dynasty.

Kimono is actually a traditional Japanese traditional garment worn by women.[1] Kimonos are long, T-shaped dresses. Basically, straight-lined robes are worn so that the hem falls to the ankle with attached collars and long, wide sleeves making it cover the whole body. Kimonos are secured by a sash called an obi, which is tied tightly at the back. Traditionally, women wear kimonos most of the time but nowadays, women wear kimonos during special occasions like weddings and tea ceremonies.

The style of kimono range from formal to casual and the level of its formality is determined mostly by the pattern of the fabric and its color. Silk is considered as the most desirable and most formal fabric of Kimono. A more casual style of kimono is made of fabrics such as cotton and polyester generally.

Another traditional Asian dress is the Cheongsam.[2] Its style is never far from a kimono. It is a body hugging one piece Chinese dress for women. In mandarin, it is known as the qpao and in English, mandarin gown. The style Cheongsam is often tight-fitting. Created in Shanghai, this is made fashionable by socialites and upper class women back in 1920's.

Nowadays, Cheongsam is usually worn by waitresses in Chinese restaurants all over the world. These cheongsams are often floor-length and slits are high to the waist or hips. Usually it is sleeveless or has only cap sleeves. We also see cheongsams in cosplays or costume plays. They are usually colorful to be catchy with the eyes of the audience and to look bright in photos.

Traditional Chinese dress this generation evolves to a more creative and more fashionable style for women. It creates the image of being traditional in dresses but it reflects the personality of the one wearing a dress. For example, traditional Asian dresses isn't about being long and body-hugging clothes, its about style and how a person wears her personality by being showy with her assets.

Non conventional Asian dresses like halter style, sleeveless and Chinese mini dress. are very appealing to the women nowadays. Being timeless of the Asian dresses, it never failed to be appropriate for any special occasions. You can always incorporate your own style and at the same time being a symbol of Chinese tradition.

When you search on the internet, there are these glamorous styles of Chinese dresses particularly qi pao. You can find short or long qi pao with many variations in colors. Commonly it's made up of silk, which is known to be very comfortable for many women. Colors of these dresses are very appealing to the eyes such as pink, blue, red, turquoise blue, lavender, green and many more. These mini dresses are often fits the body of the one wearing it, thus making the body figure visible and brings out the sexiness of the woman. Some say it might be daring, but its the new way on how to be traditional yet upbringing your own style as a person.

There are these other styles which also bring out the personality of the person. Halter styles are very in to the fashion, which is why this style in traditional dresses finds its way to be more popular for the women seeking the appropriate Chinese dress. A Chinese mini halter dress is very stylish. It brings out sexiness of a woman. This type can be perfectly worn in a mini cocktail party or even a casual get together event.

If you want to be conservative but a little sexy, there is a style of a qi pao which has a sleeve and will perfectly turned out as cute mini sleeved yet sexy Chinese dress you ever wore. This style is also good for some occasional events and parties.

Conventional styles such long dresses qi pao is very classy and elegant when worn. Glittery styles and embroidered designs make the Chinese dress more glamorous looking. May it be halter, sleeveless or with sleeves, long conventional qi pao appears to be attractive as it ensembles tradition, style and fashion.

These Chinese dresses are very ideal with some Chinese collectors. But to wear a Chinese dress is very ideal especially for special occasions and parties. It's beyond the personality of the person which style to wear. Nevertheless, traditional dresses will carry the same symbolism although incorporated with personal style preferences.