Hand Fans

These Asian Hand Fans are created in their time-honored Asian techniques. Thus, they are clearly enough to tell your pals that they mean so much, to ensure their comfort on warm-weather days, to bring the beauty of Asia and the tropics to your wedding and special occasions, to surround you and their lucky recipients with happiness, friendship, and good luck regardless the weather condition, and many more. So, go ahead and pick your personalized fans, Japanese silk fans, Chinese hand fans, Asian martial arts fan, Thai mulberry fan, Buri fan, and more! FREE Personalization from a minimum order of one (1) piece is available for select hand fan styles!

Always Have a Fan to Keep You Cool!

A long time ago, people made fans as an aid for keeping cool from the hot weather. But, as time passed, people made their fans into more than handy tools for keeping cool. They amp-up their fans with Chinese or Japanese calligraphy and painted works of art; made them from feathers, fine silk, or special paper; framed them with expensive ivories or intricately-carved wood; and, created them in various forms and sizes, thereby, proving that hand fans can also be fashion accessories that add style and character to their user's look. They can also be heirloom-worthy masterpieces, gifts that signify friendship, good luck, and happiness, Asian decor, martial arts gears, and many more.

Hand fans help to cool us down during the summer, on a humid weather, in-between our fitness and sports activities, and while going on outdoor adventures. They help us to withstand the heat and humidity of the tropics and the discomfort that the layered, thick, and heavy fabric of our Japanese kimono, Chinese dress, wedding gown and other fancy clothes can bring. Their handy size and refreshing breeze are what we need to stay looking fresh and comfortable all day, especially while on a road trip, city commute, beach trip, date night, or party. They can also take our special occasions to a whole new level with their colors and designs. They can give that room we love a relaxing vibe as Asian decor. And, because both men and women use them for keeping cool, they are perfect as promotional fans, gifts, party favors, and souvenirs.

So, if you love summer, sports, the outdoors, and everything that you do, but not the heat, sweat, and discomfort that the latter bring, then you need to always have a fan on hand to keep you cool and to ensure your body's comfort. Merely doing so, especially during the hot and humid weather, will go a long way to preventing dehydration and from getting too tired after a prolonged exposure to such environmental condition.

Level-Up the Glam of Your Special Occasion

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The Best Hand Fans for Keeping Cool

To start with, hand fans are classified as folding fans and non-folding fans. Folding fans, like the Japanese Sensu, brise fans, and cockade fans, can be opened and closed to a compact size. Except for the cockade fans, which circular hand fan leaf that is usually made of paper is designed to hide within the hollow of its rectangular metal or plastic handle, the frame of folding fans consists of several pieces of ribs or sticks, which are joined together by a rivet and by their hand fan leaf that is glued to the ribs, or in the case of wooden fans, by a nylon string.

Folding fans with a flimsy frame will only put a sore to their users' hands, which is why the best folding fans need to have a rigid frame so they are easy to wave. Otherwise, the light weight of the hand fan's frame will stress its user's hand by prompting him or her to balance the weight of the fan in every fanning motion.

Non-folding fans, on the hand, are basically fashioned after the fixed hand fans of the olden days. Examples of which are: the Chinese Wan Shan, the Japanese Uchiwa, the straw fans or buri fans, and the paper paddle fan. Non-folding fans also tend to have a long handle and a large hand fan leaf, making them equally helpful for protecting the face and the eyes from the heat and glare of the sun.

Asian Hand Fans for Every Occasion

Hand fans are also made to accessorize your look, so do not hesitate to fall for that printed folding fan and to use the same when you don a solid-colored ensemble so as to emphasize its colorful design. And, if you decide to go bold, try the solid-colored hand fans in bright colors.

Wood fans and silk hand fans are absolutely flattering for all occasions. And, if you opt for the sandalwood fans, they will also treat you with the elegant scent of sandalwood. Paper fans, like the Thai mulberry paper fans, make a statement, too. And, they are surprisingly versatile, also a well known favorite for hand fan favors and Asian favors. For your summer hand fans, look for the silk, wood, or paper folding fans, which measure 9" to 10" long because they are large enough to lend a strong breeze, so right to get you through the scorching summer heat.

Lace hand fans, especially the Battenberg lace fans which are leafed with a modern kind of lace, are a classy choice for the weekends, lunch out, and date nights. Paper paddle fans and the plastic hand fans have their casual look making them your best bet for laid-back occasions and events. Sequined hand fans are certainly the best way to dress-up your Chinese dress, Japanese kimono, and ensembles for a cocktail party or formal gathering. They can also give a playful and stylish spin to your casual and off-duty looks, like denim jeans and shirt ensemble.

When it comes to keeping cool during the hottest season of the year, then look no farther than the tropical region's pride – the straw fans or buri fans. Handwoven using the natural fronds of the buri palm, buri fans are very durable. And, because even the smallest straw fans lend a strong breeze, using them for keeping cool will almost give you the feels of being kept in comfort by the mountain breeze.

Within Asia's most important types of fans are also its impressive range of Asian martial arts fans, like the Kung Fu fans, that will cater to your love for Asian martial arts, Asian decorations, and for your need of large folding fans that will keep you cool with a very strong breeze. There are also the Chinese dance fans to bring more color, style, and grace to your dance, as well as the Asian wall decor fan, which can bring beauty and a touch of serenity to your chic indoor spaces.

There is surely an Asian hand fan for every need and occasion. And, you can find them here on KimonoRobeStore.com! So, shop now and have all these great Asian hand fans delivered to you in just a few clicks.