Rustic Gauze Shanghai Lantern

Hang these Rustic Gauze Shanghai Lanterns or Chinese Gauze Lanterns for the most splendid lantern-decorated hallway. Match them in various shapes, colors, and designs for a cheerful-looking ceiling centerpiece. Or, liven-up your room and entertaining areas with them as statement accents. Featuring richly-colored Chinese calligraphy and Chinese flower painting, which standout so grand against their gauzy-textured textile cover, these rustic gauze Shanghai lanterns also boast simple materials from Asia, making them chic at giving your spaces a rustic Asian appeal. Having a red hanging tassel, they'll also draw protection and good luck to the spaces you bring them in.

Chinese Gauze Lanterns Decorating Ideas

Let these rustic gauze Shanghai lanterns or Chinese gauze lanterns paint and give the indoor and dry outdoor spaces of your home, office, and party setting a deluxe Asian style. Renowned for their handpainted designs, rustic gauze Shanghai lanterns uniquely sport a Chinese melon shape-inspired framework, thus they appear to be framed by seven (7) metal wires that are joined at the top and bottom aperture and that is bent or contoured in different ways to come up with different Chinese lantern shapes.

Each of this rustic Chinese gauze lantern is covered with a sheer, first class-quality, meshed fabric, which stretches approximately an inch from their wire hoop and the tassel, which hangs from their bottom aperture. Perfect as party lanterns and lantern decorations for the home, store, and office, these rustic gauze Shanghai lanterns and Chinese gauze lanterns can stand alone as an Asian decor and can beautifully accentuate a wide array of decorating themes. They also come in various sizes and traditional Asian lantern shapes, which include:

  • Round: These orb-shaped lanterns are highly-versatile, you can start with them in creating a fine Chinese gauze lantern decorating theme.
  • Melon: Inspired by the scalloped and curved edge of a Chinese melon, Chinese gauze lanterns of this type feature a double scallop-styled concave framework with the lower half of the lantern made in a slightly smaller diameter than its upper half.
  • Pointy: These gem-shaped Chinese gauze lanterns have a slightly pointed upper frame that gently slopes down from their wire hoops.
  • Shield: Shaped like the ancient Chinese warrior's shields, these Chinese painted lanterns are perfect for a classic Asian decorating theme.
  • Hexagon: Shaped like the traditional garden lamps, you will never go wrong choosing them for areas with a garden view.

  • Turn to these rustic gauze Shanghai lanterns or Chinese painted lanterns when giving the usually gloomy and quiet areas of your home, like the hallway, garden, and patio, a more colorful and cheerful ambiance; hang them by your store's display window or the receiving area of your business establishment to alleviate the latter's inviting facade or, use them as an accent to your Asian party lanterns for a festive party setup.

    How to Hang Chinese Gauze Lanterns?

    Hanging these Chinese gauze lanterns is simple as each of them is already equipped with a wire loop for quick and easy hanging. You can suspend them quickly with the help of an S-hook, decorate them outdoors from Shepherd's hook or wall sconces, or hang them from strings of different lengths using nylon string or satin ribbon.

    To decorate: Mix-and-match these rustic gauze Shanghai lanterns in different shapes and colors, or start by using 1 or 2 large-sized Chinese gauze lanterns of different colors or shape and then work your way in creating a colorful lantern decoration by putting together the small and medium-sized Chinese gauze lanterns of your choice. Alternatively, you can take your decorating hint from the recommended accessories that we specially chose for the Chinese gauze lantern of your choice. Shop now and enjoy the many decorating styles that these rustic gauze Shanghai lanterns can bring to your indoor and outdoor spaces.