Silk Kimono Robes

These Silk Kimono Robes, dressing gowns, and lounge robes are made of 100% silk or the highest quality silken fabrics with lush Asian-themed designs, which is why they look so elegant. They feel cool and luxuriously soft to the touch. They wear light and breezy, so right to slip on days or nights when you just want to take things easy or slide into the comfort of your warm bed or sofa. And, they are frequently touted as the epitome of your sophisticated taste. So, if all these send a hint as to the kind of comfort that you seek on days and nights when you just want to indulge in a fulfilling rest and relaxation, then it is time to amass these silk kimono robes, which are your best bet for silk robes, dressing gowns, lounge robes, and nursing robes. Or, to send as heart-catching Asian gift for your best pals.

Turn a Bland Downtime into a Fine Retreat!

A newer, more luxuriously soft, and lustrous silk kimono robe may not be the top priority for your wardrobe these days. But think about just how swapping out your existing comfort clothes, dressing gown, lounge wear, nursing robe, night robe, and pajamas for these silk kimono robes. The glossy feel and light weight of silk almost always has its own way to instantly calm and caress the senses – even turn a bland downtime into a fine retreat. So, if a total halt of your activities or a quick escape to your favorite vacation destination is usually hard to come by, just slip on any one of these silk kimono robes, which are the only thing that you need to prep up for that much-needed rest and relaxation.

Authentic silk kimono robes have the benefits of being soft, smooth, breathable, lightweight, and hypo-allergenic, thus they wear seriously indulgent. Skin care enthusiasts also tout about how the softness of silk can help to keep the skin of the body to stay smooth and wrinkle-free. Silk robes wear cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Being made of the strongest natural fiber, they are an easy option for daily wear, although depending on the type of silk used, proper care must be exercised in cleaning your precious silk robe. They are frequently equated as a luxurious and romantic choice because of their lovely sheen. And, as with all the other kimono robes, silk robes are quick and easy to wear, which is why they have become a favorite for dressing gown, bath robe, lounge robe, nursing robe, night robe, and bridal robe.

The Best Types of Silk for Your Kimono Robe

Have you ever wondered why one silk kimono robe looks significantly lustrous than the others? Certain silk robes may also feel supple, soft, and thick, plus there are others, which are impressively able to withstand everyday and long-term use despite being donned as bath robe, lounge wear, and night robe knowing that silk is one of the world's most delicate fabrics. The difference basically lies in the type of silk used. Silk comes in many types, thus the numerous options available for silk kimono robes. Every piece of which will also catch your taste not only in terms of color and design, but also because of their beautiful luster, softness, drape, strength, and transparency, among the other factors. When buying silk kimono robes, it is important to know how well the type of silk used can withstand your intended use for the robe. So, here are some of the most popular types of silk robes that you will come across, plus a quick guide as to how their type of silk suits your need.

Pure Silk Kimono Robes

No doubt, pure silk, like 100% mulberry silk, which is produced by matured and domesticated silkworm, is the best material for silk kimono robes. Being made of natural fibers, they are also the best for individuals with sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. Pure silk kimono robes are incredibly soft and smooth to touch. A closer look at their fabric will reveal tiny, glitter-like dots, which make for their naturally shimmering appearance. Many pure silk kimono robes also exude a subtle sheen, rather than a high gloss, which look and feels the same on both sides.

If you are up for a printed silk robe, you will also notice that the colors of the print bleeds through the back side of the robe in shades that are closely similar, to the extent that it renders the fabric of the robe as almost of a reversible quality. And, whereas the color and the luster of real silk kimono robes will appear to change when held under the light, synthetic silk robes, do not exhibit such change at all or it may reflect a white sheen. Being sensitive to sweat, which may cause silk to yellow; to ingredients, like in fragrances, soap, and beverages; intense heat, which may cause silk to lose its luster; and, to rubbing, which may cause silk to chaff, silk kimono robes should always be handled with care, especially when donning them after bath, while applying your make-up, when they have been spilled with liquid, and when cleaning them.

Satin Kimono Robes

The term satin basically refers to the type of weave, which yields a fabric that is glossy on the front and lackluster on the back. As such, satin can be made from any type of thread, like silk, polyester, and nylon. Satin is a classic favorite for the dressy silk kimono robes, like the silk charmeuse kimono robes, which are one of the top pick for bridal robes and night robes. That is because they exhibit a sensational-looking sheen, feel luxuriously soft, and are often thick enough to serve as a reliable cover for lingerie and night clothes. Certain styles of satin robes and dressing gowns are even smart enough to go as casual dress while you are at home, in your hotel room, or prepping up for an event.

Polyester Kimono Robes

Proven versatile, durable, and low-maintenance, polyester kimono robes can keep their vibrant color and luster even after many washes. They dry easily after washing, are wrinkle-resistant, and easy to pack for travel. Made of synthetic fibers, which are woven to look like silk, polyester kimono robes are found in varying degrees of luster, softness, and thickness, as well as in a wide range of designs.

While the cheaper polyester kimono robes usually exhibit a high sheen, are often thin, and tend to wear hot during the summer, high-quality polyester kimono robes tend to mimic the subtle sheen, glittery look, and the smoothness of pure silk robes. However, unlike the latter, they may feel crisp to the touch, have a significantly dull underside as compared to the front side of the robe, and – in the case of printed polyester kimono robes – the ink colors of the print bleed through the back of the robe, however, in much less vibrant colors.

Silk Crepe de Chine Kimono Robes

Easily found among luxury silk robes, silk crepe de Chine kimono robes are one of the renowned durable silk robes. They are slightly translucent and distinguished for their soft shine. They are also lightweight and prized for the sensuous feel of their fabric.

Rayon Kimono Robes

Rayon was first developed as an alternative to silk. That is why silken robes, which are made of rayon mimic the smoothness, light weight, and softness of silk. However, having been tailored from artificial silk, which is woven from recycled wood pulp and then chemical-treated to withstand regular wear and washing, silken rayon robes may not be suitable for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin. And, although durable for everyday use, they are not as breathable as silk, which is why they are sometimes found in combination with other natural fabrics, like 100% cotton, for that enhanced comfort, especially when wearing them during the summer.

Silk Jacquard Kimono Robes

Heavier than most silk robes, silk jacquard kimono robes derive their statement look from the tonal decorative jacquard pattern, which makes for the beautiful design of their silk fabric. Rendered on their silk fabric, silk jacquard kimono robes, therefore, exhibit a unique blend of light and dark luster.

Silk Chiffon Kimono Robes

These see-through and mesh-like kimono robes are highly breathable, extremely soft, lightweight, elastic, slippery, and delicate to the extent that they fray so easily. Today, they come in a wide range of shapes and designs, which are suited as stylish cover-up for night dresses to daytime-perfect silk kimono robes to accessorize a casual chic ensemble.

How to Care for Silk Kimono Robes?

Most of all, you will want to retain the classy sheen and color of your silk kimono robe. So, here are some do's and don'ts on how to care for your silk kimono robe, dressing gown, lounge wear, nursing robe, and night robe:

  • In-between uses, hang your silk kimono robe in a cool and dry place
  • Never wring your silk robe when wet, such as after washing
  • Avoid spraying your silk robe with fragrances, which can cause it to stain
  • When spilled with beverages, just dab the liquid rather than rub it to dry
  • Never bleach silk nor expose it to direct sunlight for long periods of time
  • To clean: Check the care label for instructions on how to clean your silk robe
    Silk, in general, can handle moisture up to 11% of its weight. Thus, silk robes are
    suggested to be dry-cleaned or gently hand-washed using cold water and mild soap
  • Iron your silk robe while damp and press on the reverse side on low heat setting
  • When storing your silk robe for a long time, store it in a breathable fabric bag

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