Japanese Noren

These Japanese Noren Curtains are the staple Asian statement pieces for your doors and entryways. Hang them at the facade of your shop, the sun porch and doorways of your home, the glass walls of your restaurant, living room, or office, the entryway to your garden, and all the places so right for sipping tea, for entertaining, for lounging, doing yoga, and more! These richly-colored Japanese Noren will enliven and give your decorating spaces a sophisticated and homey feel. Being made of nicely-weighted fabrics, they will also stay true to your need for giving the areas where they are hung a beautiful Asian decor, a sense of privacy, a decorative protection from the dust, wind, and heat or glare of the sun, and a subtle shield that will help to confine your needed warm or cold air within an enclosed room or space.

Make Places Feel More Inviting with Japanese Noren

There is always something about a hanging Japanese noren that makes a place feel more warm and inviting. Also known as door hanging or Japanese doorway curtains, Japanese noren curtains are typically soft and thick rectangular tapestries, which are made of fabrics, like cotton, polyester, rayon, and linen. They are traditionally hung on the entrances and doorways of shops and restaurants and can be used in many ways, i.e., as signage, as soft fabric blinds that will help to screen spaces from the flow of dust from the road or to shield glass-walled interiors from the heat and glare of the sun, as space and room partitions, as a means of giving spaces a sense of privacy, and many more.

Being made of fabrics, which sometimes have the subtle sheen of silk, Japanese noren curtains are usually soft to touch and will delight you for their beautiful texture. Depending upon their fabric thickness, some Japanese noren can filter the flow of light without completely blocking your view of the outdoors. Thicker varieties, meanwhile, particularly those that are long, can even work as space dividers that can help to keep the heat or cold of your air-conditioning equipment enclosed inside an intended space. And, just like curtains, fabric blinds, and all your other functional decorating implements,you can use your Japanese noren to give your indoor and outdoor spaces many different kinds of looks.

Maintain the Privacy of Spaces Even With Open Doors

Japanese noren curtains are easily hung by feeding a curtain rod, like a curtain rod, thin bamboo pole, or a long wooden dowel, through the loops or pockets, which are sewn on their top. They also feature one or more slits for easy viewing and passage. Unlike most curtains, they are designed to be hung without folds around the rod and they are available in various lengths from the short Japanese noren curtains, which you can hang like valances or signs on the doorways, entryways, and windows, to the long Japanese noren, which are excellent at maintaining the privacy of a room even when the doors are open because they hang long enough to partially or fully cover the doorway.

With proper care, your Japanese noren will actually last for a very long time. Hang them in areas where they are not directly exposed to the sunlight, hand-wash them regularly to get rid of any dust and dirt that will reduce their color, especially of their silkscreen-painted design.

Create an Abundance of Colorful, Japanese-Style Looks

Create an abundance of colorful looks and Japanese-style decorating themes with these Japanese noren curtains! Whether you simply love Japanese noren or thinking of bringing a beautiful kind of art – especially one that can multitask as soft fabric screens – into your space, like the living room of your home, the sitting room of your office, mansion, or building, the dining area of your restaurant, and the entryway to your patio, garden, or veranda, KimonoRobeStore.com is here to guarantee that you will find the perfect Japanese noren for you.

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Interesting Facts and History of the Japanese Noren

Traditionally, businesses hang a noren outside of the door as a sign that their shop is open.They are always removed or hung inside the door at the end of the business day to mean that their shop is closed. While giving shops a unique persona, noren also acts as a welcome sign and a promotional tool that attracts with its color and design.

The Japanese noren is deeply-stitched within the heart, history, and culture of Japan. It was during the Jomon Period (13000 - 300 BC), many thousands of years ago, when the Japanese started to adapt their use as Nanren or door hanging. Using large leaves, long grasses, and reeds, people would hang them at the doorways of their homes and temples as windbreakers for protection from the sun, wind, and dust.

During the Heian Period (794 - 1192), people started to make noren as rectangular tapestries with a slit using fabrics, like hemp. They were also utilized as everyday implements, particularly as door hangings and partitions for large rooms. The Muromachi Period (1392 - 1573) had seen the evolution of the Japanese noren as a tool for trade and recognition when the Japanese shops started to hang them at the entrance of the stores with their business name, logo, products, or services while families would decorate them noren with their family name.

Over the centuries, the noren was also called by many names, like Nanren, Nauren, and Nohren. Its purpose and design have also attracted many individuals and businesses alike, thus more than door hangings, door signs, and promotional tools, they are cherished as canvas for works for art, as multipurpose tapestries for decorating the inside and outside of homes and business places, Asian decor, and a lot more.