Matsubaro Wakamurasaki Noren

Matsubaro Wakamurasaki Noren
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This Matsubaro Wakamurasaki Noren, which features a fashionable young Japanese woman in purple kimono at a gold table with tea, is a collectible reproduction of one of Japan's Edo Period ukiyo-e paintings. It is thick, heavy, and beautifully-textured as a tapestry, thus you will surely enjoy it as a door hanging, wall hanging, or as soft screens for glass walls and windows. The Wakamurasaki Japanese noren also appears to depict a scene from a triumphal celebration. Vibrant-colored in the lucky shades of purple, red, green, and gold, it also zooms in on the significance of the chrysanthemum, plum blossoms, and wisteria flowers as among the flower icons of Japan.

  • Made of 65% Rayon, 35% cotton; Hand-wash only. Do not dry-clean
  • Measures 33.5" wide x 59" height; Weighs approx. 1.10 lbs.
  • With 1" pocket for hanging rod; Noren rod is sold separately
  • Non-reversible. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

Matsubaro Wakamurasaki Japanese Noren is made in Japan
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excludes shipping time)

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Price: $75.00
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