Japanese Golden Dragon Feng Shui Noren

Japanese Golden Dragon Feng Shui Noren
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Hang this Japanese Golden Dragon Feng Shui Noren to bring protection, fortune, and power to your door. This regal art piece depicts Ryujin, the Dragon God of the Sea, swirling among the tides and with the beautiful Mount Fuji rising from a distance. In Japanese myth, Ryujin symbolizes the power of the ocean. He controls the waves with magical tide jewels and can turn into a human. He was the father of the Sea Goddess, Otohime, who married the Japanese God of Hunting, Hoori. Emperor Jimmu, the first Emperor of Japan, was said to be the grandson of Otohime and Hoori. Thus, Ryujin is considered as one of the ancestors of the Japanese Imperial dynasty. Facts:

  • Made of 60% cotton, 40% Rayon; Hand-wash only. Do not dry-clean
  • Measures 33.5" wide x 59" height; Weighs approx. 1.10 lbs.
  • With 1" pocket for hanging rod; Noren rod is sold separately
  • Non-reversible. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

Japanese Golden Dragon Feng Shui Noren is made in Japan
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excludes shipping time)

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