Paper Parasol Umbrellas

Paper Parasol Umbrellas

The Paper Parasols, Wedding Umbrellas, and Asian parasol to bring a happy mood to your days and that will make you and your girls look picture-perfect on the outdoors, in your Asian ensemble, and on your special occasion? They are gathered here on!

These paper parasols, wedding umbrellas, and Asian parasols are the staple umbrellas for special occasions. Thus, they come in the best range of colors and designs and in the widest selection of sizes – from the 8" mini parasols for favors, gifts, or centerpiece accent to the 39" large paper parasols, which can shelter up to two (2) adults.

Thus, if you are prepping-up for posh outdoor events and decorating themes, you should incorporate these most exquisite paper parasols, wedding umbrellas, and Asian parasols to your ensemble or decor!

Your Go-To Umbrellas for Special Occasions

Summer days, dressing up in a traditional Asian clothing, like the Japanese kimono, Japanese yukata, Chinese dress, and Korean Hanbok, sporting a Bohemian-chic or tropical ensemble, and decorating for spring, baby shower, beach wedding, or Asian wedding – these are a few of the many occasions and celebrations that will really shine with the presence of paper parasols, wedding umbrellas, and Asian parasols.

Created with a mission and that is to be your go-to umbrellas for special occasions, these paper parasols, wedding umbrellas, and Asian parasols come in the most enchanting colors and designs, thus just the sight of them will bring a festive ambiance to your wedding, special occasions, decorating theme, and even to the gloomiest days either as sun umbrellas, umbrella decor, Asian gifts, and Asian party favors.

Thus, if you are dressing-up your girls for an upcoming outdoor event, like your beach wedding or garden wedding, the classic favorite solid-colored paper parasols are here in the best shades and sizes for your flower girls, bridesmaids, maid of honor, and guests. There is also the sophisticated appeal that only our printed paper parasols, painted paper parasols, and silk parasols can give. Bearing simple, classic, and captivating Asian-themed designs, these painted paper parasols and silk parasols never fail to catch the eyes, enthrall especially up-close, and leave lasting impressions. They also pair so well with your traditional Asian clothing, like kimonos, yukata, and Chinese dress. They are irresistible as photography props and Asian decorations, too, for your wedding, entertaining areas, and other indoor or dry outdoor spaces.

The Largest Selection of Lace Parasols

And, if you are looking for the best place to buy Battenberg lace parasols for wedding, favors, gifts, and decor, your best bets are exactly here on! Quickly find the perfect Battenberg lace parasols for you within our highly-curated range of colors and designs – certain styles even flaunt two-toned motifs in your favorite colors, as well as the iconic symbols of Asia, such as the lotus and heart mandala. Here is also where you will find the largest selection of lace parasol sizes to choose from. Ranging from the 8-inch mini lace parasols for favors, gifts, and centerpiece, which fold to approximately the same length as the pocket-sized ladies' folding fans, to the 32-inch large lace parasols, which are suited for adults, these lace parasols also ring-in FREE shipping, $5 shipping credit, or discounts to your savings.

Buy Now! From $4.25, No Minimum!

So, shop away and look picture-perfect on the outdoors – even without the sun, on the stage, and on dressy occasions with these paper parasols, wedding umbrellas, and Asian parasols. Use them to create a stylish spin to your ceiling centerpiece and decorating themes. Mix-and-match them in various colors, sizes, and designs for that elegantly modern look for the pictures. Even give them the personal touch of your hand-painted designs and embellishments, like flowers and ribbons. These paper parasols, wedding umbrellas, and Asian parasols come ready for you to shop from only $4.25 with FREE Shipping on orders $150 and above. After the big day, you and their lucky recipients can use them, too, again and again as party umbrellas, romantic mementos, decorative parasols, and a lot more. Happy Shopping!

Parasols and Umbrellas Buying Guide

Looking for the perfect parasols? Start with the perfect size for your need. Next, pick the material and the color of your choice. And, ultimately go for the design that complements your ensemble or your decorating idea. As with clothing and fashion accessories, size plays the most important role in achieving the perfect looks and decorating ideas with paper parasols and wedding umbrellas. Mini parasols, or those which measure approximately 8 to 14 inches long when closed and with a canopy that spans to approximately 16 inches in diameter when opened, come both cute and handy for favors. You can easily place them, too, on a vase to come up with your own flower topiary-style centerpieces.

Small paper parasols, which fold to approximately 22 inches long and open to about 23.5 inches in diameter, are popular as photography props and flower girl umbrellas for toddlers. On the other hand, medium-sized parasols, or those fold to up to 24 inches long and which open to approximately 30 inches in diameter, are a typical choice for kids and teenagers aged 7 to 14 years old. Petites usually find the best parasol for them from those which measure up to 26 inches long when closed while those that measure at least 28 inches long are recommended for adults, with those that measure about 31 inches long often deemed large enough to shelter for up two (2) teens or petites.

Parasols also celebrate your sense of style and artistry through the different types of materials, like Asian rice paper, silk, and lace, which are used for their canopy. For simple styling, for the widest range of colors, and for low-cost parasols, which are good for sun protection – even up to the summer in the tropics or the desert, there are the paper umbrellas, like the Asian rice paper parasols and the Thai mulberry paper parasols, to amass. When it comes to silk parasols and silk umbrellas, painted Chinese parasols and Japanese parasols have been the major trend because they are easy to use as sun umbrellas and decor. For your lace umbrellas, we have the Battenberg lace parasols, which have one of today's modern laces, which blossom in themed motifs, and exude a laid-back appeal with their bamboo handle.

Finally, let your paper parasol, silk parasol, or lace parasol tell the story of your classy sense of style through your choice of color and featured motif or design. Go for the solid-color paper parasols, wedding umbrellas, and Asian parasols for a classic take. Or, bloom under the sun, on your wedding day, and special occasions by going for the painted parasols or printed parasols. Don't forget that you can further accessorize your parasols, like with silk ribbons that are hand-tied around their handle, for that personal touch, added beauty, and glamorous surprise.