White Lace Parasols

Walk with these White Lace Parasols to be the most glamourous bride or picture-perfect mademoiselle wherever you go! These white lace parasols unfold to the breathtaking beauty of their Battenberg lace canopy with intricate heart and garden-themed designs. They will be a dreamy pair to your wedding gown, sundresses, and ball gowns, too. In fact, they consistently exhibited as the top pick for weddings and dressy to red carpet-ensembles. And, they can literally uplift the stylish look of your celebrations and decor as umbrella centerpiece, lace umbrella decoration, and umbrella party favors. So, spoil yourself. Also, share the fun that these white Battenberg lace umbrellas can bring to your family, friends, and guests. We have these white Battenberg lace parasols in the widest range of sizes. So, whether you need them for decor, for favors, as fashionable gift for your best friends, as wedding parasols, and bridal umbrella, we got you covered!

Hide Your Skin from the Sun in Dressy Style

Don't forget these white lace parasols! They could be your only shelter from the heat of the sun, especially on your wedding, photo-shoot, or party in the outdoors. They could be the interesting touch that you never knew your spring brunch, alfresco summer party, fall wedding, and winter photo-shoot location needed Or, simply cap-off your look with them – just like what the ladies of the Victorian and Edwardian Eras do.

A white Battenberg lace parasol is so easy to stash when you need a dressy umbrella to protect your skin and your makeup from the heat of the sun. It is lightweight, thus, easy to bring around all day. It is also a breezy masterpiece with a nicely-thick Battenberg lace canopy, which provides just about the same kind of shelter that regular umbrellas do. You will also find them in a wide range of sizes, among which are the 8" to 12" long or the small lace parasols, which are typically favored for umbrella decorations, umbrella props for babies’ photography, and umbrella party favors; the 21" to 26" white lace umbrella for kids, which are popular as flower girls' umbrella; and, the 31" white lace parasols and larger, which are perfect for teens to adults, thus, their popularity as lace wedding umbrella, bridal umbrella, and bridesmaids umbrella.

Easy to Set-up as Umbrella Decorations

These white lace parasols are also easy to set-up as hanging umbrella decorations and ceiling centerpiece. A simple way to do this is by tying the handle or the ferrule of a white lace parasol from a nylon string, which is subsequently suspended from an S-hook, ensuring that the tip of each parasol hangs from at least two (2) inches higher than the height of the tallest guest. Or, if you delight the dreamy look of umbrella flower centerpiece for your tables, you can start by putting each white lace parasol on an umbrella stand or a flower vase and then work your way to creating the umbrella tabletop centerpiece of your dreams. You can also set-up these white lace parasols against a lattice wall so as to create a beautiful backdrop for your photo booth. Or, you can leave a piece or two behind for your guests to play-up as photography props.

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So, just get the white lace parasol that you like and reward yourself with its picture-perfect beauty and the unforgettable sight and memories that it can bring. These white lace parasols are, clearly, not just beautiful, they are a multi-tasking fashion accessory and party detail, too, for other than add beauty and style to your look and to your photos, they will also keep you cozy by offering a light shade from the sun. They can also set the theme of your decorating space, serve as the focal point of your decor, and even change the look of the place you bring them in.

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