Ivory Lace Parasols

These Ivory Lace Parasols will give you all the grace and elegance that you expect from your perfect ivory lace umbrella and lace wedding parasol! They are bedecked with the extra-beautiful and modern kind of lace, called Battenburg lace, which design appears to tell a story, like a lotus garden theme, so you will be the image of sophistication with them as your bridal umbrella or lace parasol. You and your girls will also delight every minute of having these as your sun umbrella, photography props, or wedding umbrella because not only do they come so beautiful, they also highlight your loveliness and make you glow even under the heat of the sun. Now, it is time for you to find these ivory lace parasols in your perfect size and design! We got these ivory Battenburg lace parasols in small to adult-perfect size, so there is the perfect ivory lace parasol for everyone and to fill your special occasion with their picture-perfect and heart-catching beauty!