Chinese and Japanese Pants

These Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts Pants will give you the perfect comfort for Kung Fu and Jujutsu, like Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Aikido, Kendo, and Iaido. Thus, you can expect them to truly bring your focus and boost your performance in Kung Fu and Jujutsu, even on days when only the sturdiest martial arts pants will do. So, stock on these Chinese and Japanese martial arts pants, like Kung Fu Pants and Japanese Hakama pants, for martial arts school, training, and competition and experience their superior quality and Asian aesthetic.

Pants to Enthuse the Master of Kung Fu or Jujutsu

There is nothing like these Chinese and Japanese martial arts pants to enthuse the master of Kung Fu and Jujutsu, like Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Aikido, Kendo, and Iaido. And the best reasons to stock them? They are specially tailored for the training of Kung Fu and Jujutsu. They were masterfully created from fine fabrics, like Polyester-blend, 100% Cotton, and Silk, which are among the top picks by the Kung Fu and Jujutsu enthusiasts for their martial arts uniforms. And, they are made by the seasoned tailors in China and Japan who specialize in the manufacture of Asian martial arts uniforms. As such, you can completely bank on their durability and comfort of their fabric for your best performance.

The Martial Arts Pants that You Should Own

Pants are the foundation to a martial art enthusiast's outfit. Kung Fu pants, for example, are intended to be durable, to loosely wrap the legs, and have thick elastic waistbands to ensure their wearer's comfort in performing the deep stances, high kicks, lounges, and the repetitive movements in Kung Fu training. Tai Chi, on the other hand, is best enjoyed with silk pants because their smooth and flowing fabric will give you a better feel of the slow and graceful movements of Tai Chi. The Japanese Samurai, who fought the Ninjas during the ancient times, as well as the Aikido and Kendo enthusiasts, wore the Hakama because their skirt-like construction conceals the movement of their legs in a fight. Judo, which entails throwing, tripping, and wrestling, also requires sturdy pants, which are padded on the knees to protect their wearer.

And, if you are one who prefers having the martial arts pants and uniforms ready in your closet, here is our quick guide on the martial arts pants that every martial arts enthusiast should own:

Lightweight Martial Arts Pants

Every martial arts enthusiast – beginner or otherwise – needs at least a pair of lightweight Chinese or Japanese martial arts pants, which weigh approximately 5 to 6 ounces to start with and to don for light training or as breezy sportswear during the summer. In Chinese martial arts, lightweight 100% cotton Kung Fu pants and Polyester-Cotton Kung Fu pants are widely preferred because they are durable and easy to care. In Japanese martial arts, 100% polyester and polyester-blend, like 65% Polyester, 35% Rayon and poly-cotton blend, are a classic favorite, such as for the Hakama, karate pants, and taekwondo pants, because they are light, durable, easy to care, and affordable.

Medium-Weight Martial Arts Pants

At 7 to 8.5 ounce, medium-weight martial arts pants are a sturdy but breathable pair, thus, their perfect fitment for everyday basic to advanced Kung Fu or Jujutsu training and competition. Look for medium-weight 100% cotton or poly-cotton Chinese or Japanese pants for all-round versatility – even stock on extra Kung Fu pants for outdoor activities and to don on your off-duty days as cozy pants to pair with casual shirts.

Heavyweight Martial Arts Pants

Heavyweight martial pants are strong enough to completely keep up with the moves of your Chinese and Japanese martial arts, thus they are the best choice for bringing some edge to your performance. They are typically made of 100% cotton, thus, they are more expensive than their lightweight and medium-weight counterparts, often reserved for competitions, and favored by martial arts instructors and advanced martial arts students and enthusiasts.

Quick Guide to Pants for Asian Martial Arts

Whether you are into Chinese or Japanese martial arts for fun, for exercise, to socialize, or to achieve a goal, the right Chinese or Japanese martial arts pants should never be overlooked. To get the most benefit from your practice, training, or performance in Kung Fu, Jujutsu, and other types of Asian martial arts, choose the Chinese and Japanese pants that best cater to your needs. Or, take your cue from this quick guide to pants for Asian martial arts:

Kung Fu Pants

Kung Fu pants are used for the many forms of Chinese martial arts, like Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Wing Chun, as well as for yoga or meditation. They are usually tailored as pull-on pants with elastic waist, straight legs that are loose, and elasticized ankle-length hemline and made from various fabrics, which ensure their users' comfort. Among which, 100% cotton and polyester-blend Kung Fu pants are the most popular for Kung Fu training, while the more expensive 100% silk Kung Fu pants are usually reserved for competitions.

Kung Fu pants are categorized according to the weight of their fabric. Thus, there are the lightweight Kung Fu pants, which are preferred for beginners, for light Kung Fu training, and as breezy sportswear during the summer. There are also the medium-weight Kung Fu pants, which are highly versatile, they can go from basic to advanced Kung Fu training and competition, as well as the heavyweight Kung Fu pants, which allow for maximum mobility, thus their popularity among advanced-level martial artists, Kung Fu instructors, and for use in competitions.

Japanese Hakama Pants

The Hakama refers to the wide-legged and skirt-like traditional Japanese pants, which are worn by men and women on formal occasions, like weddings, Japanese Tea Ceremony and Coming-of-Age Day, or as martial arts pants, such as for Aikido, Kendo, Iaido, Taido, Judo, and Ryu-te. The hakama were first worn by the samurai horsemen to protect their legs from the brush and weeds. For men, the striped hakama pants are regarded for formal occasions, while the solid-colored Hakama pants are traditionally associated with Japanese martial arts.

As with Kung Fu pants, lightweight Hakama pants are often preferred for beginners and for the everyday training in Jujutsu. They are typically made of polyester and polyester-blend fabrics, with the 65% Polyester, 35% Rayon as the widely favored for the everyday training of Jujutsu and the 100% polyester lightweight Hakama pants frequently suggested for the summer. There is also the heavier cotton Hakama pants and they are usually selected by the advanced students and martial arts instructors because of their fabric's strength and flexibility.

Loose Pants with Drawstring Waist

Loose pants with drawstring waist, which are also made from durable lightweight to heavyweight fabrics, are utilized in many Asian martial arts, like Judo, Taekwondo, Arnis, Karate, and Ninjutsu. Certain styles are equipped with features that are intended to protect the wearer, like the judo pants' padding at the knees and the ninja pants' additional ties at the ankles and the knees. Basically depending upon the level of comfort afforded by their fabric, drawstring pants can go as far as ensuring your comfort as lounge wear, casual pants, and workout pants.

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