Karate Belts

Karate Belts and Martial Arts Belts – they are synonymous with your rank and competence in karate, jujitsu, taekwondo, and other forms of Asian martial arts. They also guarantee your comfort, safety, and high performance by ensuring the support that your karate gi needs. As such, a karateka simply cannot miss to have them in his or her repertoire. So, allow yourself to wander through the paramount karate belts we have in-store! Created by ProForce®, which is one of the trusted names by traditional karate dojos and karate-ka worldwide for high-standard martial arts gears and uniforms, you can rely on these karate belts for all types of training, like kata, kihon, and kumite.

The Paramount Karate Belts for No Matter What You Do!

The karate belt should not restrict your movement, which is why we believe that beyond getting the right color, width, and length for your size, its composition, stitching, weight, and craftsmanship should be excellent for no matter what you do, that is, whether you'll be doing the kata, kihon, kumite, bunkai, and many others. Thus, we relentlessly rely on the paramount karate belts of the industry-leading brand, ProForce® because they have been consistently trusted and used for years by the traditional karate dojos and practitioners. Plus, they were developed with the karateka's specific needs in mind, like perfect fit, durability for lasting use, and ability to help keep the karate gi in place. Thus, this is the karate belt brand to rely on, especially for your students’ karate belt.

Tips on How to Buy Karate Belt?

Every martial arts dojo has its own culture and set of rules. Thus, before shopping your karate belt, we highly recommend that you consult your Sensei or your senior about the karate belt that you should buy, including the length of the belt that is best for you. And, if you got a few questions left, here is our quick guide on how to buy karate belt and what to look for in shopping for karate belt.

The Different Colors of the Karate Belt

Karate belts and martial arts belts are available in many different colors, that's white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, red, and black. Each karate belt color signifies its wearer's rank or progress in martial arts, which is determined by the Sensei. Each also reflects his responsibility to help his fellow students in the dojo and each is, as well, inspired by the stages of a growing plant, e.g., from the time it is born and breaks through the ground to when it grows its green leaves until it turns brown and then black, marking the end of his life, after which it is construed to provide a place for a new plant to grow.

Thus, karate practitioners start with the white karate belt, which symbolizes the start of his search for knowledge in karate. He progresses to the various colored belts in the Kyu grades following the standard belt color system of his dojo until he reaches the Dan grades or the various levels of black belt.

Which Karate Belt Width is Best for Me?

The karate belt is not only an indicator of your rank, it also completes your karate look. Thus, you will want to go for a karate belt, which width balances your body frame, which you can tightly tie with ease so it does not fall so easily and distract you during the class or in-between your activities, which will not restrict your movements or cause discomfort around the waist, and which is firm enough to help keep your karate gi in place. The width of the karate belt also affects the size of the knot and its firmness, which is influenced by both the flexibility of its core and the number of rows of stitching that it can accommodate, which is one of the factors that make for a durable and sturdy karate belt and which typically range from 6 to 8 rows for students' karate belt to 12 rows for tournament karate belts.

As for the width, there are the 1.5" karate belts, which narrow width, generally, makes them great for kids, ladies, and petites for a balanced look and for use on competitions when a lightweight karate belt, which can be tightly tied into a knot, for that destruction-free performance is beneficial for the karateka. There are also the standard rank 1.75" karate belts, as well as the 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3-inch karate belts, which are popular for competitions, among the karate instructors, and students for embroidery.

Karate Belt Length: Double Wrap or Single Wrap?

The karate belt is traditionally wrapped twice around the body with the center of the belt just below the navel and then tied into a knot at the front, ensuring that it finishes with the two (2) ends hanging in equal lengths, e.g., often 12 inches for each side, on the front. The wider the belt, more of its length will also go into the area that is tied into a knot. Thus, a simple way to find the ideal length for your standard 1.75" double wrap karate belt is to add approximately *48" to twice the measurement of your waist or hip. And, for the 1.5" double wrap karate belt, to add approximately *45" to twice the measurement of your waist or hip.

Single wrap karate belts are those, which are designed to wrap once around the body. Easy, therefore, for young kids to put on, single wrap karate belts are, actually, enjoyed, too, by many martial arts enthusiasts as karate belt, judo belt, yoga belt, as props for dance, and many others.

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* This number is an assumption only. For the best fit, please consult your instructor for the karate belt length that is best for your size. *This 48" addition to the waist size assumes that the ends of the 1.75" double wrap karate belt, which are left to hang measures 12" each, e.g., 2 x 12" = 24", and that the total length of the belt that is tied into a knot is 24". *This 45" addition to the waist size assumes that the ends of the 1.5" double wrap karate belt, which are left to hang measures 12" each, e.g., 2 x 12" = 24", and that the total length of the belt that is tied into a knot is 21".