Karate Uniforms

These Karate Uniforms and Karate Suits are designed purely for performance and with the Japanese karate enthusiast's demand for Karategi that geuinely breathes a Japanese sense of style, durability, and comfort. Because what you really need is to enjoy karate in its true Japanese form and aesthetic, then choose to get only in the game with these karate uniforms or Karate Gi! Whether you are starting out in karate school, pushing your way to black belt or the competition, or living the luxury of a happy and stress-free life with karate and Asian martial arts to keep you fit, just don these karate suits and you are one step away to bringing a serious Zen to your active lifestyle!

Karate for Your Health and Fitness!

Karate is more than a sport and one of the many forms of Japanese and Asian martial arts, which enthuse the young kids and adults alike – it is also a way of life. It enhances your self-control, self-defense, and self-discipline. It improves the health of the heart, mind, and the body through exercise, which helps to eliminate physical, emotional, and mental stress. It encourages you to achieve your goals, with the karate belt regarded by most karateka as the ultimate reward for short-term success, effectually build-up your self-esteem and self-confidence. It is an avenue for sports, workout, and recreation. It promotes good camaraderie among your peers. And, it can even land you to the world's most prestigious sports organizations and events, like the World Karate Federation, World Karate Youth Camp, World Games, and the Olympics.

For all these and more, stocking up on high-quality karate uniform is an absolute must for comfort that makes you feel free to move, relaxed, invigorated, and ventilated; for strength and durability that enables it to withstand regular use, long fights, and years of hard training; a style that transcends all seasons; and, the best fit for a better and safer karate experience, especially that karate includes punches, kicks, and high-speed motions, thus, being able to perform the latter at the perfect time is very important.

Gear Up with the Right Karate Uniform!

Traditional karate uniforms or karate gi are white and made of canvas, which is an extremely strong and durable fabric that is woven from fibers, like cotton, polyester-blend, and rayon-blend. It consists of the Uwagi, or kimono-style jacket; the Zubon, or wide-leg pants or trousers with drawstring waist; and, the Obi or belt, which secures the karate jacket and which solid color is used to denote the rank of the karateka who wears it. Other colors of karate uniforms, like blue, red, black, pink, and camouflage, are also available and worn by karate enthusiasts as uniforms in other forms of karate, like the combat sports-natured modern karate, as alternative to the classic white karate uniforms, and, on competitions, e.g., as a team color and to aid in the giving of points in a match.

Which Karate Uniform is Best for Me?

Before shopping your karate uniform, be sure to check with the karate school instructor if there are specific requirements for the karate gi, especially if the latter will be used in competition. Your school may also incorporate small patches on the uniforms to distinguish itself.

When shopping your karate uniform, be keen on the thickness, durability, fit, and construction of the karate gi that you are about to buy. For starting out in karate, you can go for the breezy comfort of the 100% cotton lightweight karate uniforms. Weighing between 6 to 8 oz. they are thin, supple, and cool to wear thus, their perfect fitment for light karate training and for keeping cool while training in the summer. Men who sweat a lot may find these karate gi rather uncomfortable because they do not tend to wick the sweat away. Women, on the other hand, may find their fabric see-through. In which case, you can go, instead, for the soft, thicker, and tough 100% cotton medium-weight karate uniforms.

Lightweight karate uniforms, however, are not exclusively for starters. An example of which are the polyester-blend ultra-lightweight karate uniforms. Weighing 5 to 6 oz., they are supple yet stiff, thus, popular as karate gi for kumite, which requires high speed and active motion. Medium-weight karate uniforms are highly versatile. At 7 to 8 .5 oz., they are durable, thick, nicely-weighted, and have thick sleeves and collar. Thus, they are popular among the advanced karate enthusiasts, athletes, and seniors, who use them for kata and for everyday training. If a medium-weight karate uniform that is breezier than what 100% cotton canvas is what you need, a cotton-rayon blend medium-weight karate uniform is one to try. And, if a karate uniform that dries quickly after wash proves to be the most convenient for your daily training's needs, the polyester-blend karate uniforms are the best answer your needs.

For kata, for heavy training, special occasions, and events, like competitions, karate experts, professionals, and instructors turn to the heavy-weight karate uniforms. Typically made of 9 to 14 oz. brushed cotton canvas, they have a very good thickness, strength, and durability.

What Size of Karate Gi Should I Buy?

In the size chart, you will notice that the size of each karate gi is stated as Small to XX-Large or in numbers, that's 0000 to 0 for kids and 1 to 8 for adults. It will also have a corresponding height and weight measurement. About which size of karate gi to buy, pick the size suggested for your height. This is a very important criterion. Also take into consideration your weight and the length of your arms and legs. If your size falls between two (2) sizes, a safe bet is to go for the bigger size. As a wrap-style karate jacket and karate pants with a drawstring waist, the karate gi fits a wide range of sizes. It can also be easily adjusted to your best fit. Please take not also that canvas also has the natural tendency to shrink after a few washes, so don’t hesitate to go for a karate gi that is loose rather than the one, which snugly fits.

As for the fit, the karate jacket should be long enough to pass the waist and has a jacket skirt (4 to 8 inches as the standard) hanging under the belt so that it does not easily ride up or get untucked when doing the standard karate movements. The sleeve cuffs should end before or at the wrists. Most of all, the left side of the jacket should be worn on top of the right lapel. As for the karate pants, ankle-length is the standard or 3 to 5 inches shorter than your leg length.

Where to Buy Karate Uniforms?

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