Men's Chinese Shirts

These men's Chinese shirts are an icon. Sumptuous fabrics and luxurious comfort define them, too. Thus, it is not hard to believe that they have been around for almost 400 years and that there is no cue that they are slowing down because they've proven time and again that they are timeless and that they have consistently inspired many of the world's fashion cognoscenti. And, if all you need are the best men's Chinese shirts, such as for Kung Fu, to don as Tang Suit, or the Mandarin-collared shirt for Asian costume, special occasion wear, or casual wear, then look only within's capsule selection of men's Chinese shirts! Meticulously curated for their perfect fit and superior quality, these men's Chinese shirts – with the right pants, shoes, and accessories – can also follow through your modern sense of style so easily, that is why you can truly hold on them forever as versatile wardrobe staples with an Asian sensibility.

The Most Coveted Designs and Fabrics

Fulfill your desire to own the Chinese shirts, which are the most coveted by the Kung Fu enthusiasts, Chinese gentlemen, and Asian fashion cognoscenti, at pocket-friendly prices by shopping them here on! Are you looking for a high-functioning Kung Fu shirt, such as for Tai Chi, Wing Chun, yoga, or martial arts training? How about an iconic men's Chinese shirt for the Chinese New Year, for Asian costume, and for that upcoming special occasion? Or, a modern chic Mandarin-collared shirt to sophisticate your everyday or off-duty outfit and that will let you rediscover or introduce to the new generation the unique and enduring fashion style of the Chinese and of the East?

Then, get all that you need and more here on KimonoRobeStore,com! These kung fu shirts, men's traditional Chinese shirts, Tang Suits, and Mandarin-collared shirts are instantly a step-up from the other ready-to-wear traditional men's Chinese clothing because they were specially handpicked and imported here from China because of their premium quality and the popularity of their design and fabric among the Chinese gentlemen, Kung Fu enthusiasts, and Asian fashion cognoscenti. Also, they were tailored with authentic Chinese fashion style in mind, thus on top of their easily distinguishable and refined Oriental appeal, you can truly feel the legacy of Chinese tailoring from each of them.

And, with an Asian men's wear line that includes the essential Kung Fu shirts, traditional men's Chinese shirts – including the most versatile version of the famous Mao Suit or Zhongshan jacket, and smart polo shirts with Mandarin collar – all of which are made from fine fabrics, like 100% silk, 100% cotton, and soft-to-touch cotton-linen blend with silky finish – two (2) things are for sure: You'll never go wrong with any of the Chinese shirt of your choice and that you can only be proud to wear them on each and every occasion.

The 3 Iconic Men's Chinese Shirts

Through the years, the Chinese men's preference for clothes and, subsequently, the design and fabric of their shirt has continually evolved. But these three (3) men's Chinese shirts have been regarded through the years as a staple in many gentleman's wardrobe.

Kung Fu Shirts

Your sporty lifestyle will never be complete without a Kung Fu shirt. These days, they tend to resemble the Chinese men's Tang Suit, although back in the olden days – as depicted in many pictures of ancient China – kung fu enthusiasts were donned them in a style akin to the Shaolin monk's collarless, loose, and long-sleeved shirt or the Han Fu. Kung Fu shirts are a staple not only for Chinese martial arts, such as Tai Chi, Wing Chun, and Wushu, because they are also the most convenient for yoga, meditation, and martial arts or self-defense training.

Look for lightweight Kung Fu shirts, especially those which are made of 100% cotton, for light Kung Fu training or to wear on days when you seek the comfort of breezy sports clothing. Or, go for the strength of medium-weight Kung Fu shirts, which are excellent for basic to advanced Kung Fu training and competition. Martial arts enthusiasts also ought to experience the luxurious comfort of silk kung fu shirts, as well as the durability and mobility afforded by the heavyweight Kung Fu shirts, especially for competitions and for heavy kung fu training or exercise.

Cheongsam Shirts

Formal celebrations and important events, like the Chinese New Year, call for the dapper look of the Chinese Tang Suits. And created in its wear-easy style, often in comfortable and fine fabrics, like cotton, silk, and ramie, are the men's Cheongsam shirts or Chinese dress shirts. Also known as Chinese suit or formal Chinese jacket, the Tang Suit is a vision of the exquisite outfit of the Chinese men in the upper class, who donned it up to the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). In the 1940s – about a decade after the popularity of the women's Qipao in and outside of Asia and, because of which, Shanghai was regarded as the fashion capital of Asia – the Tang Suit rose to popularity as the formal occasion wear for men and that went on until the Chinese gentlemen adapted the Western suits as formal occasion clothing.

Eventually, the Tang Suit and Chinese cheongsam shirt served as the inspiration for the design of the modern kung fu jackets. As a formal wear, the Chinese cheongsam shirts are classically paired with black tailored pants and black leather shoes. They can also be worn as the inner layer to the Chinese Tang Suit. For a modern casual take, you can also follow the lead of the modern Chinese gentlemen and Asian fashion cognoscenti, and that is to pair your Cheongsam shirt with navy blue or midnight blue cotton-linen pants and dressy casual shoes.

Mandarin Collar Shirts

Modern gentlemen ought to have a Mandarin collar shirt within his casual, work, or special occasion closet! Inspired by the common clothes of the Chinese gentlemen during the olden days, Mandarin collar shirts are found today in many styles and in multipurpose fabrics, like cotton and linen, as well as in designs, which render them wearable year-round and easy to match with jeans, shorts, and other closet staples. For Mandarin-collared shirts that are completely create with a Chinese aesthetic, get yours here on!

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