Men's Dragon Cap

Men's Dragon Cap is a head-hugging, brimless Chinese emperor's hat or Chinese prince hat that is styled after the toddler cap of the child Puyi, the last Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. Covered in a luxurious silk-blend fabric with embroideries of the Chinese dragon and clouds, the men's dragon cap protects your head from slight heat or cold and is perfect as finishing touch to a Chinese prince costume.

Men's Dragon Cap, Chinese Emperor's Hat, Chinese Prince Hat

Make a fashion statement by sporting the men's dragon cap, Chinese prince cap, or Chinese Emperor's hat of the Qing Dynasty. This traditional Chinese hat for men has six (6) panels and has for its emblem a gold embroidery of the traditional Chinese longevity symbol, or Shou, at the center-front of its black side band. It also features a black, braided faux hair, which acts an illusion queue – the imposed hairstyle for the Han Chinese men during the Qing Dynasty.

The Men's Dragon Cap, Chinese emperor's hat, or Chinese prince hat proves special in three (3) ways: It is a useful remembrance of the young Chinese Emperor, Aisin-Gioro Puyi, who is fondly remembered for wearing this traditional Chinese hat style during his reign from the age of 2 and through his toddler years; it features a very auspicious Chinese motif, i.e., the dragon and the clouds, which are regarded together as a powerful symbol for good luck; and, it is brilliantly crafted for function and style.

Collect this traditional Chinese hats for men, Chinese prince cap, or Chinese emperor's hat in three (3) colors, i.e., black, red, and blue and dress like a Chinese prince in his casual outfit by wearing it with a men's Chinese Cheongsam or finish the latter with a silk vest to dress like a Chinese prince on his throne. Don't forget that you can enjoy these traditional Chinese hats for men also for protecting your head from the slight and cold, as well as for adding more stunning look to your street, casual, and party outfits.

Sizing Tip:
To find your hat size, please place a tape measure on your forehead, going around above your ears making sure you include the widest part of your head. This hat is supposed to rest about an inch above your ears.