Chinese Gongs

Sound these Chinese Gongs, e.g., Chao Gong, Wind Gong, Tiger Gong, and more until their music fills the air with a festive sound or a relaxing music that helps to eradicate the negative energy inside your room or that will help to heal and calm your mind, body, and spirit. Traditionally prized as a symbol of success and status among the Asian families, these Chinese gongs are handmade by Asian artisans and they have a lasting durability – in fact, an heirloom-worthy quality – and timeless design, making ,them worthy of their high price tag. Expect years of use for these Chinese gongs and enjoy the plenty of ways to use them as musical instruments and as Asian decor.

Fill Your Days with the Music of these Chinese Gongs!

Leave the stress behind and fill your days, your celebrations, and your surroundings with the beauty and the music of these Chinese gongs!

Gongs are the most famous traditional percussion instrument of Asia, having been used extensively since the 13th and 14th centuries in the major gatherings, shrines, palaces, and temples; in the cultural and contemporary music, orchestras, ceremonies, festivals, sound therapy, rituals, concerts, street parties, and celebrations; and, as Asian decor of the most beautiful homes, shrines, gardens, palaces, and tourist spots of the various parts of the continent, especially in East Asia and Southeast Asia, like China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Bhutan, India, and Nepal.

Great as Percussion Instrument and Asian Decor

Gongs are distinguished as circular percussion instruments with an upturned rim, and they are made of brass or bronze. They are a great percussion instrument and a worthy investment for you who simply wants to play one of Asia's favorite musical instrument and for the music-lover who wants to bring to his own music these gongs' uplifting beat and reverberating sound, which mysteriously alludes to the sound of the wind, the slow whooshing sound of running water, the tinkling of the chime, the ringing of the bells, or the roar of the lion or a tiger.

These Chinese gongs and Wuhan gongs are, definitely, for you, too, who wants heirloom-worthy Asian decorations or gong decoration with an exotic and ancient beauty. Try adding one of these Chinese gongs into your foyer, living room, patio, and outdoor entertaining areas either by hanging it from its stand or on the wall and see it upgrade the overall look of the latter with a tropical or sophisticated Asian vibe.

Gongs and Their Deep Connection to the Asian Culture

Gongs are also valued not only for their size, make, material, sound, and, design, but also for the ability of their sound to reach far distances. As such, gongs have had a long history in Asia for being used to warn the people from danger, to announce the arrival of a royalty, to call the dwellers to a gathering when announcements from the ruler of the land were made, to greet the townspeople on special occasions, like the town fiestas, and as musical instrument to accompany a dance or to bring a happy tune to a special occasion, street party, or parade.

The sound of the gong is prized in Asia, too, as a means to communicate with the spiritual world. Thus, the shrines and temples in Asia are graced by no less than the presence and the sound of the grandest of all gongs, the so-called Temple Gongs, which are rung by the guests and the worshipers as a greeting to Buddha, to awake the gods and goddesses before saying a prayer, to signal the start of a celebration or ceremony, and to connect with the spiritual world – or, to feel at one with the latter – while the reading the Sutra or the Scriptures is made.

The reverberating sound of gongs is also believed to have the power to ignite, heal, and relax your mind, body and spirit. To unblock the fear, guilt, grief, anger, and other negative emotions from within, effectually helping you to regain your peace of mind, positive outlook, strength, and vitality. And, to get rid of the negative and old energies – both within yourself and your surroundings – which make you feel sluggish, stressed, and depressed. For these reasons and more, gongs are employed in sound therapy and gong baths to restore a person's well-being. They are also used to play a relaxing song, which aids in meditation, sleep, relaxation, and even for therapeutic purposes.

For centuries, the gong is also prized as a symbol of wealth, status, and success among the Asian families, especially among the ethnic groups in Southeast Asia. As such, gongs and gong orchestras do more than grace the latter's home. They also fill the grandest parties and celebrations of the latter with their festive or soulful music. Mini-sized gongs, on the other hand, are perceived as a great choice for Asian gifts and souvenirs. They are a classic choice for gift that the lucky recipients can use as tabletop decor.

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