Paper Lanterns

Get creative with these Chinese Paper Lanterns to yield sophisticated wedding decorations, paper lantern party decor, paper lantern lights, and ceiling centerpiece! Suspend them in a row for that quick and easy lantern decorating style. Arrange them loosely and en masse while hanging them from strings of different lengths for that really festive appeal. Use them in a single color for the chicest look. Hang them with lights so their beauty further pops on your dusk to evening affairs. Or, paint them with confetti brush strokes and other designs for that colorful and unique lantern decorating style. With such gorgeous look that easily makes them the focal point of every decorating theme, these paper lanterns are all you need for that themed decorating idea that only requires just a few and easy touches!

Decorate and Illuminate Your Party Place

Add these white paper lanterns to create a cheery, bright, and stylish living or party space! Paper lanterns have clearly become the darling of all wedding and party venue decorations. That is because they have both their color and design to beautify and excite your party space. They look simple yet elegant, thus, they are always a great fit for casual and fancy celebrations. And, while they do not have to be the highlight of your decor, you will, nevertheless, be grateful to have them because they can go a long way being perfect for decorating and illuminating your party place to bringing your decorations to the ceiling, the outdoors, the open spaces, and the functional areas of your wedding or party place.

And, if you talk about white paper lanterns, they present many advantages as party decorations. Among these: They can truly make your motif shine because of their neutral shade. White reflects the most amount of light, which is why they are great for your evening receptions and party place that is dimly-lit or painted dark. Their simple yet stunning look guarantees that you still have a lot of room for your colorful decor. They will standout on your daytime and evening receptions. Usually, one (1) large white paper lantern or a festive gathering of small paper lanterns can make your small party space feel large. They are perfect for all seasons. They will look so right for all your wedding and party themes. And, they are always elegant and timeless, as such your party photos will look just as in-vogue with them as lantern decorations.

So, realize your lantern decorations with these white paper lanterns! Hang these as paper lantern lights though your place is well-lit for that cheerful vibe. Grab our whitest white, that's the snow white paper lanterns, which radiant hue is sure to make your living spaces feel new, contemporary-style, inviting, and perfect for your young and modern crowd. Go for the natural white paper lanterns if you would like to make your living space or party space feel both warm and elegant, to hang on your outdoor space for a special gathering on a sunny day, and to make a small space feel large. And, dare to bring together the snow white and natural white paper lanterns to set the mood for a cozy, warm, and modern party space and to decorate on your indoor or outdoor space with a part-traditional and part-contemporary design.

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Decorating Ideas for Paper Lanterns

Who would not want to tie the knot, to celebrate a birthday party, or to host a family feast that is made so right for the finest gathering by one of the world's most beautiful, enduring, and sought-after wedding and party decorations? Chinese paper lanterns have such that simple yet breathtaking and world-class beauty that brings life to every space. They almost always make even the simplest decorating idea look high-end. They inject a happy mood to every place they are in. They can be re-purposed, even as permanent decor. And, given the many ways they can be hung as a decor, they are the wedding and party decorations that can be tailored to your taste or to your wedding or party's theme.

So, if you must create a beautiful backdrop for the dessert table of your party – or, if you must greet your guests in style on your wedding – be sure to greet them with the decorative statement of a paper lantern centerpiece. Typically, your cozy living space will require just one (1) paper lantern hung like a globe light or chandelier But, if you are decorating for a party, for a wedding, and for all other special occasions, taking your paper lanterns to the front door, to the ceiling, and to all the functional areas of your party place will really set a celebratory mood.

Think a sunset cocktail, garden, beach, or poolside venue or dinner under the stars? Hang your paper lanterns from the trees, Shepherd's hook, or string lights for that extra touch of je ne sais quio. For an elegant wedding or party reception, sprucing-up the party place with string lights and a paper lantern canopy is always a classy choice that never fails to enthrall. Or, you can go the extra mile by decorating your paper lanterns with faux flowers or by adding extravagant decor, like crystal chandeliers, fresh flowers, and scented candles, onto the party scene.

You will never want to miss how the rows upon rows of Chinese lanterns and Japanese lanterns color and brighten-up the streets in Asia, too, especially during the holidays. Made by hanging similar sizes of Chinese lanterns or Japanese lanterns closely on a string, this lantern decorating idea is perfect for your building's decorating theme. And, if decorating lanterns in your store is your agenda, don't limit your choice to hanging paper lanterns on the display window, but take their beauty and lucky charm up to the front and the inside of your store, too.

Paper lanterns offer endless possibilities for your decorating theme. And, when it comes to deciding on the perfect lantern decorating idea, remember that the purpose of your paper lanterns, basically, determines nearly all the decorating ideas that you can create, the paper lantern sizes to buy, and the number of paper lanterns to hang. Some decorating ideas will require one (1) or various shapes and sizes of paper lanterns, while others will require you to hang your paper lanterns with lights or without lights. So, a specific understanding of your decorating idea will ensure that your place is decorated by the perfect paper lanterns.

How to Hang Paper Lanterns?

Paper lanterns typically weigh 0.2 lbs. to 5 lbs. without lights, so they can be hung from the ceiling, from the walls, from the trees, and in-between poles with the help of nylon strings, ribbons, C-hooks, tacks, liquid nails, magnetic hooks that attach to metal surfaces, like the ceiling grids, from chains for hanging, wall-mounted lantern hooks, and Shepherd's hooks, to name a few. To hang a paper lantern with light, you can recreate the look of the pendant lights by hanging a paper lantern from an electrical wiring kit or battery-operated lantern light kit. You can also attach your paper lantern to string lights or a ceiling light mount. Or, render it as a shade for lamp shades and candle holders.

Which Paper Lantern Size to Buy?

Finding the best size of paper lanterns is almost akin to finding the perfect size of chandelier for your decorating space. You will want your paper lantern to look symmetrical for your decorating space. Too small a paper lantern, although it is planned to hang on string lights, will appear lost when hung so high on your large venue. Too large a paper lantern will also look overwhelming when hung low or on a very small space. Thus, for a symmetrical look, we usually take into consideration the ideal largest lantern to size to hang considering the ceiling height or the height from which you intend to hang your paper lanterns. And, then you can work your way to selecting paper lanterns up to 3 or 4 sizes smaller to incorporate into your decorating theme, like having 10", 12", 14" and 16" paper lantern for your canopy.