GONG 20" Wind Gong with Striker

GONG 20" Wind Gong with Striker
Regular Price: :$170.00

Tap this 20" Wind Gong, Feng Gong, or Lion Gong with its soft striker to make a beautiful music that is perfect for meditation, healing, or sound therapy of its high-pitched wind sound with long sustain. Or, tap its center with a hard beater for that deep or low-pitched sound that recalls the grandious roar of a lion. At 20" in diameter, the sound of this wind gong, Feng gong, or lion gong can be heard across a large hall or open space, making it perfect as a for live dance, play, or stage performances, for big events, and for recording. As a flat, bronze disk, this can look so regal, too, as a gong display, Asian decor, or Chinese centerpiece for your large living room, music studio, and favorite spots for meditation and relaxation, like Zen garden. Like the Chau Gong, the wind gong or lion gong is one of the most distinguished Chinese gongs because of its beauty and sound that is typically associated with joyous occasions and celebrations.

  • This Wind Gong or Feng Gong already includes a soft Striker
  • With traditional lathing surface. Weighs approximately 6 lbs.
  • Wooden gong stand is also available (Sold and packaged separately)

Chinese Wind Gong is handmade in China
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excludes shipping time)

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