14" Tiger Gong with Striker

14" Tiger Gong with Striker
Regular Price: :$120.00

This Tiger Gong with Striker, also known as Hu Yin Gong, is named as such because it lends a sound that is similar to the roar and growl of a tiger. And, unlike the other Chinese gongs, any part of the Tiger Gong, e.g., the front, sides, and the back, can be strike to create interesting and pleasing sounds! Strike this on the Bull's Eye, or the very center of the gong, and it produces a crashing or classic "Gong" sound with strong sustaining power and slight overtones. Strike this on the center or the middle, protruding section of the gong, except the bull's eye, and it rewards you with a strong clashing sound with a great sustaining power, plus a spectrum of overtones, e.g., with varying notes and effects, that are higher-pitched than the bull's eye. Strike this on the outer ring and it produces cymbal-like sounds and overtones with strong vibrations. The tiger gong is an excellent musical gong, especially for those players and groups that like to produces exciting effects. Features:

  • Each 14" Tiger Gong already includes a Striker
  • Made of alloy. Weighs approximately 3 lbs.
  • Gong stand is also available (Sold and packaged separately)

This handmade Tiger Gong, Wuhan Gong is imported from China
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excludes shipping time)

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