Men's Asian Footwear

Footwear or shoes have been defined to protect and to give comfort to a human foot while doing various activities. It changed extremely through time and from culture to culture depending on the type of function. Men's footwear can be of made from different kinds of materials and others are even made for a very specific purpose.

There are different kinds of men's footwear that are being produced or made by many well known brands, but here are some Chinese shoes or Japanese shoes for men that you will definitely be interested to buy and wear them for your comfort.

Here at, we offer you a wide range of Chinese and Japanese men's shoes, from kung fu shoes to geta sandals, that will perfectly match or suit your fashion taste. Take time to view each product below and be amazed on how it can change your look. Start choosing now!

Our kung fu shoes are our best selling shoe.

Kung fu shoes are usually lightweight, flat soled shoes with good traction at bottom to prevent any slipping during martial arts practice. There are different types of kung fu shoes. An example is traditional kung fu shoes that are slipped on while tae kwon shoes are laced up. Depending upon your fighting style, you can use a kung fu shoe.

There Are Five Main Types of Kung Fu Shoes Used:

  • Chinese traditional kung fu shoes also known as 'thousand layer shoes'. Usually used indoors.
  • Tai chi shoes
  • Kung fu daily training shoes can be used for all kinds of sports indoors and outdoors
  • Shaolin monk shoes
  • Taoists shoes

  • A Kung Fu shoe is specially designed for a person who is involved in training, learning and performing martial arts. The purpose of a kung fu shoes is to allow the wearer feel as if the shoe is part of his/her feet. When you practice Kung fu you need a kung fu shoe that will be durable, lightweight and look nice. A regular shoe will not suit for Kung fu.

    Features of a Kung Fu Shoe

    A kung fu shoe is usually made of a combination of layered foam, leather and plastic in order to provide flexibility, comfort and support. The shoe also has
  • Absorbent soles and lining
  • footpad for better cushioning
  • mesh coverings for good flexibility
  • thick layers of foam to reduce injury from high impact practices

  • Why is a Kung fu Shoe Better Then a Regular Shoe?

    The purpose of Kung shoes are to allow for flexibility and full range of motion of the feet and ankles for the purpose of each movement with ease. Soles made from non marking rubber help to protect the practice surface and allows the martial artist to jump, step and grapple with ease. Kung fu shoes fit securely and are comfortable for intense martial arts training and practice because they protect the feet and joints from impact while at the same time keeping moisture away.

    When Buying a Kung Fu Shoe, What You Should Consider?

    When you choose a kung fu shoe, choose one that will fit all your needs during training or practice. Also consider whether the shoes can be worn indoors, outdoors or both. The kung fu shoe should fit Your feet perfectly. Consider shoes that are designed for pivoting and turning.

    Advantages of wearing kung fu shoes when practicing kung fu The purpose of a kung fu shoe is to protect your feet when practicing martial arts or kung fu. A kung fu shoe is lightweight and flexible and will not hamper you while training or practicing. Kung fu shoes also help to prevent any moisture.