Japanese Tabi Socks

Tabi socks are Japanese socks often worn with traditional Japanese clothing, such as kimonos at tea ceremonies or other formal events. In ancient Japan, tabi were worn by women and men with zori, geta, and other thronged footwear. Today, may people still prefer to wear traditional Japanese thronged footwear and this has led to the prominence or tabi socks that feature a separation between the big toe and index toe.

Unlike socks, tabi are sewn together from cloth cut to form and are open in the back with a row of fasteners along the opening. Workers prefer the softness of tabi socks because it gives them more tactile contact with the ground and allows the feet to be used in a more agile way than hard soled shoes. Purchase these comfortable and practical socks as a way to embrace traditional Japanese culture. Don't forget to shop for geta and zori by taking a look at our selection of Asian footwear