Chinese New Year Lion Marionette

Chinese New Year Lion Marionette
Chinese New Year Lion Marionette
Chinese New Year Lion Marionette
Chinese New Year Lion Marionette
Chinese New Year Lion Marionette
Chinese New Year Lion Marionette
Regular Price:$25.00
Sale Price :$20.00

These Chinese New Year Lion Marionettes can march, shake, dance, and open and close its mouth, just like the Chinese festival lion that you love! So, get the drum, gong, and cymbals ready and be the reason why these Chinese Lion marionettes bring happiness to everyone around it! Richly-hued, covered in faux fur, and detailed with round sequins, faux jewels, and bells on the ears and tails so it lends a festive sound in every move, these Chinese Lion marionette puppets will greatly entertain your family, friends, and guests. They will also enthrall as Chinese New Year decoration, as your companion during the Chinese New Year parade, as Asian gift for kids, and Asian decoration for your child's playroom, for your business place, and events, like birthday, the opening of a new store, and business anniversary. Make each of this Chinese Lion marionette puppet move just by swinging the bar, which holds its strings, back and forth with one hand or two hands! Take note: The lion's head and front legs are designed to be moved by one hand, while its back legs and tail are planned to be moved by the other. Available in various colors for you to star as characters to your own Chinese puppet show.

  • High-quality, the head of the Lion is made of hard paper stock
  • Paper scroll on the mouth of the lion can easily be removed
  • With 6 strings, each is approx. 18" long, that are tied to a plastic bar
  • Lion paws and nails are made of hard plastic. Each weighs approx. 1.5 lbs.
  • Chinese Lion marionette measures 20" long x 7" wide x 12" height
  • Overall height: 25 inches.Sold individually and in random colors
  • Actual colors may vary from picture shown
  • With small parts. Not suggested for infants to young kids

Chinese Lion Marionette Puppets are imported from China
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excludes shipping time)

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