Chinese Abacus with Leather Gift Box

Chinese Abacus with Leather Gift Box
Regular Price: :$35.00

This genuine Chinese Abacus or Suan Pan is the perfect accent piece for your table or office, where counting numbers is a must. It is also the perfect gift for the history, math, or accounting buff and the friends or loved ones with fascination for things with an old-world or Asian charm. Fine-crafted with wooden frame and black lacquered counting beads on wooden rods, this Chinese abacus is elegantly housed in a mahogany red leather case, which features an age-stained Chinese art on the outside and then lined on the inside with brushed calligraphy and Chinese art on old paper background. Protected with brass fittings around the corners and secured with a classic Oriental medallion hasp with lock pin, this Chinese abacus is truly an adorable piece that is simultaneously heirloom-worthy.

  • Chinese abacus measures 8.25" long x 4.25" wide x 0.8" thick
  • Leather gift box measures 9.5" long x 5.0" wide x 2.0" thick
  • With "How to Use" booklet that includes a guide for computing square roots

Imported from China
Processing Time: 1-2 business days

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