Boy's Dragon Cap

Boy's Dragon Cap
Boy's Dragon Cap
Boy's Dragon Cap
Boy's Dragon Cap
Boy's Dragon Cap
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This Boys' Dragon Cap is fashioned after the traditional Chinese Mandarin hat, rendering it a must for dressing-up your child like a little Chinese emperor on his birthday, an Asian festival, event, or special occasions with an Asian theme. Featuring a crown that is made of silk with auspicious embroideries of the Chinese Dragon Cloud, this boys' dragon cap also charms with its own queue and the gold embroidery of the traditional Chinese symbol for Shou or Longevity at the center-front of its band. For the best impact, use this boy's dragon cap together with his Qing Dynasty Chinese emperor costume, Chinese tang suit, or fine traditional Chinese clothing. Features:

  • Available in four (4) different colors:
    • Black (H15): Black with red and silver Dragon Cloud motif and black-colored band
    • Black (H18): Solid black with tonal embroideries of the Dragon Cloud
    • Navy Blue: Blue with gold and silver Dragon Cloud motif and black-colored band
    • Yellow: Yellow with white and gold Dragon Cloud motif and red-colored band
  • Crown is made of silk: Dry-clean recommended
  • Braided queue is made of wool: Hand-wash only

Size Guide:

  • Euro 6 (17.0 Inches); Euro 8 (18.0 Inches)
  • Euro 10 (19.0 Inches); Euro 12 (19.25 Inches)
  • Euro 14 (20.5 Inches); Euro 16 (21.00 Inches)
  • Euro 18 (21.50 Inches)

Hat Size:
To find your hat size, please place a tape measure on your forehead, going around above your ears making sure you include the widest part of your head. This hat is supposed to rest about an inch above your ears.

Imported from China.
Processing Time: 1-2 business days.

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