Wooden Training Chopsticks

Wooden Training Chopsticks
Regular Price: :$3.50

These Wooden Training Chopsticks measure 9 inches long, thus they are at par in terms of length to most adults' chopsticks. They also have their prong-like design to effectively guide the hand on how to hold the chopsticks. Asians typically prefer their chopsticks to be made of wood or bamboo, thus these wooden training chopsticks will provide you with the unique advantage of enjoying an Asian food favorite using a wooden utensil. And don't limit yourself, however, to having these wooden training chopsticks only for learning, because they are your best bet, too, as wooden tongs for salads and finger foods, like potato chips and fresh fruit slices. Features:

  • Made of wood; Measures 2" between the prongs
  • Picture shows a dark brown chopsticks
  • Actual color of the chopsticks is a light brown color

Imported from Japan.
Processing Time: 1-2 business days

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