Mantra Earrings with Silver Mani Wheel

Mantra Earrings with Silver Mani Wheel
Regular Price: :$32.00

These silver Mantra earrings hold a very important charm: A silver Mani wheel or Tibetan prayer wheel, which is inscribed with the mantra that contains all the teachings of Buddha, that's Om Mani Padme Hum – the devotional mantra for The Jewel is in the Lotus. Consisting of two (2) parts – a prayer wheel, which opens to contain a rolled paper with written intentions, and a handle, the Tibetan prayer wheel is traditionally spun with love and devotion when sending one's intentions to the universe. So, don these mantra earrings because not will they inspire, but also serve as a beautiful reminder to face each day with a heart that is filled with hope and love.

  • Made of sterling silver
  • Measures 1.30" long x 0.30" diameter

Mantra Earrings are imported from Tibet
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excludes transit time)

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