Kids' Kimono Robes

Let these Children's Japanese Kimono, Kids' Kimono Robes, and children's kimono set introduce your child to the colorful world of the Japanese kimono. Made with your child's comfort, playful, and trendy fashion needs in mind, these children's Japanese kimono and kids' kimono robes are sure to delight your little trendsetter and leave you charmed with her undeniable cuteness shining in fine Asian style.

Your little girl can grow up so fast and what better way to add a beautiful memory to her childhood and open up her fashion sense to the colorful and glamorous traditional fashion style of the East than to perfect her Shichi-Go-San, special day, dress-up game, and parties with these children's Japanese kimono and kids' kimono robes.

Made to dress your little one in traditional Japanese style, these children's Japanese kimono and kids' kimono robes also ensure your child’s ease and comfort. Thanks to their premium fabrics, loose fit, and durable craftsmanship, your child can always keep her cool wearing them, especially in-between play, parties, and performances.

Bring out your child's inner Japanese beauty with these kids’ Japanese kimono and kids' kimono robes and complete her Asian ensemble with our kids' Asian footwear and Asian hair accessories. For your boys, our kids' Japanese jimbei outfit, and kids' Chinese clothing are also ready to let him explore the time-honored nobility of the traditional Japanese clothing.

5 Tips on How to Shop Children's Japanese Kimono

Asian parties, Japanese festivals, and your child's dreams and visions of dressing themselves like a Japanese geisha, kung fu fighter or samurai, an anime superhero, or simply a Japanese girl or boy, are always just around the corner. But before you get lost amidst the plethora of Japanese kimonos that your favorite Asian store or search engine has to offer, here are five (5) tips on how to shop children's Japanese kimono and kids' kimono robes:

Know the type of Japanese kimono that will suit the occasion to where your child is going to wear it to.

Kids' kimono come in a handful variety, and among them include the traditional Japanese clothing, the Japanese yukata or the cotton kimono, the matching top and shorts set called Jinbei, and the Hakama for boys and girls.

What are the suggested styles of kimono for infants, babies, and toddlers for special occasions?

Infants, babies, and toddlers can definitely wear the traditional Japanese clothing for boys and girls, i.e., the layered kimono robe for girls and striped hakama and hakamashita for boys, on special occasions.

Sometimes, however, the challenge comes in considering baby's comfort while wearing the layered silk kimono robe but it's great to know that practical and comfortable substitutes, like one-piece Japanese kimono robes, pre-tied obi, and hakama or kimono sets that are suited for boys and girls, are available in the market today, which also make Japanese kimono dressing for your active tiny tots easier.

How to choose the size of Japanese kimono?

The Japanese kimono's loose, wrap-style or tie-to-fit design, and how it can be folded around the waist to suit the wearer's height, basically, make them flexible for a wide range of children sizes, your child can even wear her kimono as he grows.

To ensure that you get the correct size, be ready with the following key measurements and be sure to check the sizing chart of the specific style of the kimono that you are looking to buy:

  • Chest and waist: Check the sizing chart's maximum chest and waist measurement;
  • Kimono length: Measure from the center back of your child's neck to ankles; and,
  • Sleeve length: Measure from the shoulder and down the arm to the wrist.

  • How to choose the color of kimono robe for girls?

    Unless specially called for by the occasion, basically, there are no rules as to which colors make for the perfect kimono color for girls. You can definitely dress your baby girl in a kimono color palette that you think would look good for her. Common color choices, however, are pink as it usually brings out the youthfulness of a girl; red for special occasions, like birthdays and Shichi-Go-San; and the in-colors of the season, like yellow for summer, blue for winter, and lavender for September.

    What are the basic accessories to use with a Japanese kimono?

    Using accessories and makeup at a minimum is highly recommended when it comes to dressing your baby girl in a kimono robe. Among the basic Japanese accessories that you can use are the Japanese flower clips, Kanzashi, and hair sticks for her hair; hand fan to keep her cool; beads bag to keep her small essentials intact; zori and tabi socks for formal occasions; and, geta for use with the Japanese yukata and casual kimono dressing.

    Finally, when dressing your child in Japanese kimono, remember the most important factor and that is to have the right side of the kimono overlapping the left. Enjoy your shopping and come back so often to catch our always amazing sale and discount kimono robes.