Crane Chopsticks

Crane Chopsticks
Crane Chopsticks
Crane Chopsticks
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These Crane Chopsticks not just for Asian gifts and as chopsticks party favors anymore! They are also perfect for your Asian table setting, as promotional chopsticks, and as Chinese gifts or Japanese gifts to wish lucky recipients with long life, a long and lasting marriage, love, happiness, and prosperity. The crane birds are considered as an auspicious bird in the Chinese and Japanese culture. They are known to live for 1,000 years, thus, their symbolism for longevity, and are believed to mate with a single crane bird during their life, thus, they are typically associated and regarded as a symbol for lasting love and marriage. Features:

  • Buy only what you need from a minimum order of 1 pair
  • These Crane Chopsticks are made of lacquered bamboo. Each measures 9 inches long
  • Hand-wash only to clean. Not suggested for restaurant use
  • Custom logo printing service is also available upon request ($50 set-up fee)
  • Please email your artwork to Info@KimonoRobeStore.Com
  • Once we receive your image, we will contact you

Crane Chopsticks are imported from China
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excludes shipping time)

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