5 Yen Japanese Coins (Set of 10)

5 Yen Japanese Coins (Set of 10)
Regular Price: :$7.00

Collect these authentic Japan 5-Yen coins or craft them as lucky pendant for your mobile phone charm, jewelry, and many more. The head of these Japan 5-Yen coins is embossed with the Kanji characters for "JAPAN" and their date of issue, which are separated by sprouts of trees, while their tail has the Kanji characters for "Five Yen" and the image of the rice plant growing from water to depict Japan's agricultural and fishing industries. Its center hole is also detailed like a gear, making it symbolic of Japan's industries.

Known in Japan as Go-En, which means honorably good luck especially with relationships, Japan 5-Yen coins are regarded as lucky coins. Thus, it is believed that inserting a piece of it on a new wallet before inserting other money will foster good luck and that giving them as donations to Shinto shrines will help establish a good connection or relationship with the latter's deity. Features:

  • Each set includes ten (10) pieces of Japan 5-Yen coins
  • Circulated coin in excellent condition
  • Made of brass; Features a nice patina
  • Measures 0.80 inches in diameter

Imported from Japan
Processing Time: 1-2 business days

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