X-Large Silk & Paper Calligraphy Hand Fan

X-Large Silk & Paper Calligraphy Hand Fan
Regular Price:$10.00
Sale Price :$8.50

This extra-large calligraphy hand fan breathes Asian in every inch from the historic form of the Asian calligraphy and the Japanese stamps that decorate its glossy mustard-colored leaf to its red mahogany-stained bamboo ribs and the striking presence of the Asian calligraphy characters, which are engraved on its guard side. Perfect for decorating on a hand fan stand or on a frame, this calligraphy hand fan also comes in a size that is perfect for giving a console table, a Chinese curio, a dull corner or space, and the like a vibrant Asian flair. Definitely a great choice, too, for gifts, this calligraphy hand fan will be most loved by your friends and loved ones with a keen interest for genuine Asian implements that are both beautiful and gifted with timeless looks. Features:

  • Made from silk and paper with a bamboo frame
  • Measures 13" height x 25" wide (fully opened)
  • Sold in assorted calligraphy designs
  • Actual product may vary from pictures shown

Hand fan is made in China
Processing Time: 1-2 business days.

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