Silk Kimono Robes

These Silk Kimono Robes and Silk Robes in solid colors flaunt a simple and classic design but you will never want to call them ordinary as they are made of 100% pure silk fabric that is completely designed with subtle Asian motifs. Collect these silk kimono robes in all colors, lengths, and fabric designs and be mesmerized by their luxurious comfort and the soft drape of their fine silk fabric.

Since 1800's kimono silk robes are customary garments in Japan. It plays a great part role in Japanese culture even in the 21st century and mostly worn on special events. You will absolutely find many kimono silk robes with different floral prints and most of it includes a pre-tied obi belt. Some kimono silk are hand painted which makes every woman feel geisha-chic. Its length can be thigh or knee or mid calf length. The usual kimono silk robes are handmade with high quality silk to give a comfortable, soft and silky feeling to the one wearing it.

The word kimono, which literally means a "thing to wear" is Japanese traditional clothing worn by women, men and children and has come to signify these full-length robes. It originated during the country's Nara period (645-794) and the Japanese kimonos that we know or use now are from the Monoyama and Edo Perios (1568-1867).

Types of Silk Fabrics for Kimono

There are several types of silk fabrics that a kimono silk robe can be made of. Here are some of the silk fabrics:


Muga is known as one of the world riches of fine wild silk fabrics and in China only the Emperor was permitted to wear this kind of fabric.


Tussah wild silk fabric is considered extraordinary. It has a balanced weave made for maximum durability. Its texture gives the wearer a great sensation compared to other typical smooth silk.

Cleopatra Crepe

Cleopatra crepe silk fabric is a medium weight wrinkle-crepe, with lots of body and a perfect cover. This kind of fabric shrinks after washing but still able to stretch under tension.

Eri peace

Eri peace silk fabric is about the same as the Pongee wild silk fabric but it's softer.

Kimono vary from very formal to casual. The pattern of the fabric and its color determines the level of formality of women's kimono. The kimonos that have longer sleeves symbolizes that the young women are not yet married and likely more detailed than similarly formal older women’s kimono. For men, their kimonos are usually having one basic shape and are primarily worn in subdued colors. Formality is also measured by the type and color of accessories, the kind of fabric, and the number of kamon which means family crests, with five crests represents great formality. Silk fabric is the most wanted, and most formal, material used for kimono.

Kimonos are usually worn on special events and are mostly worn by women in modern times, but there are some men who still do love to wear this garment. Usually, there is no part of a silk kimono was ever worn out, and unique fabric wall hangings, children’s outfits, Japanese pillows, and various accessories, ensuring that every part of the valuable Japanese traditional kimono finds a purpose.