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Happi Coats, Japanese kimono jackets, and kimono-style robes are here to get you active in style, keep you warm during the cold season, and give your casual wardrobe a high fashion boost, respectively. Look good while having fun by sporting our highly versatile and stylish selection of happi coats, kimono jackets, and kimono-style robes for men and women.

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Happi coats – the perfect wear for Japanese festivals – refer to the short and lightweight coats that are worn over a kimono. Update your activewear collection and fashion pieces with KimonoRobeStore.com's smart and exciting assembly of happi coats, Japanese kimono jackets, and kimono-style robes. Made durable to last and keep up with your active lifestyle, these happi coats, kimono jackets, and kimono-style robes are also crafted from premium fabrics to ensure your comfort whether at play, work, or leisure.

Our selection of happi coats specially consists of the trendy and functional varieties – exactly how you want your happi coats to be. Take a look again at our happi coats' colors, prints, and styles to see how they appear to radiate a happy atmosphere as activewear and look so great when matched with sporty pants and shorts – even with a pair of jeans – as Japanese festive coats, sportswear, costume for dances and stage plays, work clothes, and stylish overcoats or kimono-style jackets.

The stylish versatility of our silk kimono jackets and kimono-style robes are also so hard to mess with as they complement a wide array of Japanese kimonos, can put an Oriental twist to your modern-day clothing when thrown as kimono jackets, are handy and smart to slip on as bridal robe, makeup robe, travel robe, or lounge wear. Collect these happi coats, kimono jackets, and kimono-style robes in all colors and styles and look every inch elegant in your casual wear.

Types of Kimono Jackets

The following are the different types of kimono jackets:

These loose, mid-length or waist-length kimono coats were originally worn by men over the Japanese traditional clothing for men, but since the Edo Period, women started to wear them, too, over a kimono on cold and rainy days as protective clothing and for added warmth. Haori is meant to be worn open and has small ties on the front, which help to secure their front panels. Just like the Japanese kimono, the haori also comes in many colors and prints and made from elegant fabric, like silk, silk crepe, brocade, and many others.

Also known as travel coat, the michiyuki is distinguished for its square neckline that is fastened with snaps or cloth-covered buttons. It comes in various lengths, is usually made of silk, and may have an inner lining that features a design, which complements the print or pattern of their outer fabric.

This long kimono coat or Japanese kimono raincoat are akin, in terms of style, to the Japanese kimono. However, in place of the obi, it is secured with fabric or corded ties both on the outside and the inside.

This short informal jacket, also known as festive vest and similar in style to the haori, is worn in Japanese festivals or matsuri and sports events. It was once worn as work clothes by the Japanese, like the fire fighters, gardeners, shop assistants, and craftsmen.

This padded traditional short coat features a simple tie-loop at the front. It was originally worn in Japan as an everyday jacket and are favored at present as sleep-over coat, outdoor coat, or short winter coat.

This padded knee-length kimono jacket is large enough to accommodate and warmly nestle a child that a mother carries on her back beneath the jacket.

The first happi coats often represented a family crest or coat of arms and were worn by house servants. Over time, the crests of symbols of shops or organizations superseded the family-based happi coats. Happi coats, today, come in a great variety of colors and styles. While popular during Japanese festivals, they can also be worn over a t-shirt with shorts or pants as active wear or casual clothing.

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