Sheer Cloth Hand Fan

Sheer Cloth Hand Fan
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These Japanese-style Sheer Cloth Floral Folding Hand Fans are one-of-a-kind with their emerald green-colored bamboo frame, making them the most deserving to be in your possession, not only as a lucky charm, but also as a handy tool for keeping cool. They unfold to up to 16" wide, thus, they are perfectly-sized for keeping cool with a strong breeze. Having such sheer cloth in place of the typical nylon string to keep their long hand fan sticks together at the top, you can totally rely on the durability of these emerald green hand fans for rugged or special occasion use. Take this to school, to the office, to the gym, stash this wherever you go just so because you can simply throw them inside your hand bag, or let this bring an aura of sophistication to your date night and party ensembles, these sheer cloth floral folding fans with their color that is auspicious for good fortune, good health, and prosperity are not to be missed, as well, as Chinese gifts, Japanese gifts, and Asian gifts for your friends and loved ones. Features:

  • Made of intricately-cut bamboo handle with sheer cloth
  • Cloth sold in random colors & patterns
  • Actual cloth design may vary from pictures shown
  • Measures 9.25" height x 16" width (fully opened)

Hand fans are handcrafted in China.
Processing Time: 1-2 business days

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