Straw Hats

Make these straw hats or rice paddy hats your perfect partner for daytime adventure or while working under the intense heat of the sun. Made with 100% natural straw, these rice straw hats provide instant shade with their wide brim while keeping you cool with their conical hat crown and lightweight structure. Shop these straw hats for the family to enjoy or make them your outdoor parties' party hats.

Straw Hats, Rice Paddy Hats

Avoid the chances of heat stroke while having fun or working under the sun by protecting your head with these natural straw hats or rice paddy hats. These natural straw hats are made from the natural fronds of the Mexican palm and have a comparable weave, thickness, pliability, and durability to the natural straw fans or buri fans, thus they are not only very useful under the sun, you can also use them in-between work or play for fanning yourself.

For their design, these rice straw hats and rice paddy hats feature a conical crown, which allows more breathable space between the head and tip of the hat; a wide brim, which shelters the face and the neck from the heat of the sun; and, a removable chin cord, which is inserted through a pair of metal grommets. The unique design of these straw hats, which combine the conical shape of the Asian rice hats and the trendy brim and weave of the summer hats, utterly make them great for working outdoors and smart for costume and summer parties.

Make these straw hats and rice paddy hats your perfect companion while working in the garden, while fishing, or when going on an outdoor adventure. Use them to sport the traditional costume of the Asian farmers or to take your look from a Mexican brunch in the garden to a Hawaiian luau and tropical party in the beach. Embellish them with over-sized flowers, fringes, or bows to dress them for the occasion and add more festive vibe to your party venue with them as hat decorations.