Sequin Hand Fans

Sparkle while keeping cool with these Sequin Hand Fans. Fashioned after the Spanish fans and Chinese fans, which are framed with gilded ivory or ebony, these sequin hand fans give you the latter's luxurious looks with their silken leaf, which is intricately embroidered and stitched with sequins, and white or black thick plastic ribbing that is richly detailed with gilded filigrees. Fun, chic and lady-like, these sequin hand fans are the perfect cooling accessories for your dressy occasions and on your off-duty days and laid-back affairs where a sense of style is essential. With their strong breeze, they won't also disappoint for keeping cool even during the hottest days in summer. So pick one of these sequin hand fans for yourself, as well as extras to share as hand fan gifts and party favors to your fashionable pals.