Red Mount Fuji Noren

Red Mount Fuji Noren
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This Red Mount Fuji Noren features the famous Gaifū Kaisei or Red Fuji, an ukiyo-e wood block print of the Japanese Edo Period artist, Katsushika Hokusai. It depicts Mount Fuji as a red mountain under the blue and cloudy skies and dotted with trees at the foot. It is said that Mount Fuji appears red in the morning and around sunset and looks most utterly divine in bright red, which is a sight that occurs only very rarely, such as on days when the clear sky is filled with many small rolling clouds. People believed that Hokusai actually saw Mount Fuji in such a rare and picture-perfect scene, thus his magnificent depiction of Mount Fuji in this artwork, which is among the most popular from his Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji series and considered to be the most powerful depiction of Mount Fuji of all times.

  • Made of 60% cotton, 40% Rayon; Hand-wash only. Do not dry-clean
  • Non-reversible. The design is on the front only. Plain on the back side.
  • Measures 33.5" wide x 59" height; Weighs approx. 1.10 lbs.
  • With 1" pocket for hanging rod; Noren rod is sold separately
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

Red Mount Fuji Japanese Noren Curtain is made in Japan
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excludes shipping time)

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Price: $75.00
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Price: $75.00
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