Maiko Geisha & Kinkakuji Temple Noren

Maiko Geisha & Kinkakuji Temple Noren
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Let this Maiko Geisha and Kinkakuji Temple Noren take you back to the beauty of Kyoto's famous Golden Pavilion, also known as Rakoun-ji or Kinkakuji Zen Temple. Full-color printed with a geisha who is standing in-front the Golden Pavilion, this thick and heavy Japanese noren is perfect as door hanging or wall art for your indoor spaces. The Kinkakuji Temple is prized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and is one of Japan's tourist spots. Built at the end of the 14th century originally as a villa for Japan's Shogun, Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, the Kinkakuji Temple is an impressive two-storey structure that is painted in gold and overlooking the Kyoko-Chi Pond. It is also surrounded by woods and built in Heian Period Shinden style, in Bukke Samurai style, and tinged with Chinese motifs.

  • Made of 60% cotton, 40% rayon. Hand-wash only. Do not dry-clean
  • Measures 33.5" wide x 59" height; Weighs approx. 1.10 lbs.
  • With 1" pocket for hanging rod; Noren rod is sold separately
  • Non-reversible. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

Maiko Geisha and Kinkakuji Temple Japanese Noren is made in Japan
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excludes shipping time)

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