Large Round Rustic Gauze Shanghai Lantern

Large Round Rustic Gauze Shanghai Lantern
Large Round Rustic Gauze Shanghai Lantern
Large Round Rustic Gauze Shanghai Lantern
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This Large Round Rustic Gauze Shanghai Lantern approximates the size of yoga balls, which are suggested for petites. It can also go as ceiling centerpiece for your 9 x 12-feet spaces, perfect for hanging from a height of 13 feet, and as lantern decoration to hang over your 33-inch round tables. Shelled with a mesh-like fabric with hand-painted Asian designs, this large round gauze Chinese lantern is sure to amuse your guests and their onlookers because of how the latter melds beautifully in an unexpectedly captivating way. Without a doubt, this large round rustic gauze Chinese lantern is all it takes to bring the look of your spaces from simple to fabulous. Features:

  • Metal support covered with sheer cloth
  • Available in four (4) different colors: Orange, Pink, White, Yellow
  • Six (6) sided lantern can be folded flat for easy storage
  • Sold in assorted hand painted designs
  • Not meant to be used with a light
  • Lantern measures 21" height; tassel is about 12" long
  • For indoor or temporary outdoor use only (do not allow lantern to get wet)
Processing Time: 1-2 business days
Rustic Gauze Shanghai Lanterns are made in China
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