Green Bamboo Yukata Robe

Green Bamboo Yukata Robe
Green Bamboo Yukata Robe
Green Bamboo Yukata Robe
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This Green Bamboo Yukata Robe wears as smart, comfortable, and breezy as it looks! Don this with an obi to wear this for a stroll, on any gathering, or an Asian holiday as a traditional Japanese clothing or summer kimono. Put on its sash to indulge in its comfort as a bath robe, house robe, or lounge wear. Or, opt this for your very fine gift to a family, friend, or loved one. This green bamboo yukata robe boasts a really beautiful all-over bamboo print that is inspired by the lush look of the bamboo forests in Asia. In fact, just a closer look at its color and design can already make you feel as calm and refreshed as standing amid the very cool and soothing environment of a bamboo forest. The bamboo is one of the icons of Asia that is closest to the heart and the lives of Asians. It is prized as a symbol of nobility, humility, and strength. It is also a treasure on its own being the natural resource that is the go-to material for a wide range of Asian handicrafts, furniture, and structures, like homes, because of its beauty, durability, versatility, and health-safe qualities. Features:

  • This green Bamboo Japanese Yukata is made of 100% cotton with lining
  • Hand-wash or machine-wash. Includes matching sash or tie-belt.
  • Kimono hanger is also available.

  • Measurements of the robe:
    • XX - Large: 59 inches long.
      Fits chest and waists of up to 52" wide

    • XXX - Large: 61.5 inches long.
      Fits chest and waists of up to 54" wide

Green Bamboo Japanese Yukata Robe is imported from Japan
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excludes shipping time)

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