Bamboo Hand Fan Frame (Set of 10)

Bamboo Hand Fan Frame (Set of 10)
Regular Price: :$5.00

This Bamboo Hand Fan Frame keeps it simple for you to make your craft folding fan, D.I.Y. party fans, and personalized hand fans for gifts and party favors! Just glue your half-moon-shaped hand fan leaf – whether such is made of paper or a fabric, like cotton or silk – onto this bamboo hand fan frame and you are done! The laser-cut heart and floral accents of these bamboo hand fan frames are both decorative and symbolic for love and happiness. At 8.25 inches long, they will also yield D.I.Y. hand fans, which are small yet perfectly-sized for kids, teens, and adults alike; which are lightweight but which will keep you cool with their gentle but refreshing breeze, and which fold to a pocket-friendly size when closed. And, if you like, you can paint them, too, in the color that you like for that added pizzazz!

  • These bamboo hand fan frames are sold in sets of 10
  • Each measures 8.25" long x 15" when fully opened

Bamboo Hand Fan Frames are imported from China
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excludes shipping time)

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